Tuesday, 31 July 2007

My Sweater Boy

Here he is...scruffy face and all. This friends, is the face of a knitter's husband. When you've bought your second load of wool, while on vacation, this is the kind of guy who tells you to buy a suitcase for your wool purchases. He does this because there is not enough room in luggage you brought. He also knows that with a week still left to go.....you'll be buying more. He also brings you back two canvas totebags, from his stop-over, and tells you that they are for your stash.......

Here is a close up the sweater......

I took the picture of DH last night, in the basement....which explains the poor lighting conditions. The close up was taken this morning on my deck in natural light.....
In Other News
I've got to make a quilt for a baby shower....next week. Now I'll bet that you are wondering why I am quilting a baby gift instead of knitting something. You weren't???? Oh.....well......(this is me stammering, wondering what to say) Shhh don't let the yarn stash know....but I also have a fabric stash.
I needed to get fabric.....I tried to shop local.....I really did...only to find out that my local fabric shop is closed for holidays.
Now if you look at the time that it take me to get anywhere, plus the selection of the fabric when I get there........Sigh... I will confess, I went cross-border shopping.

Canada Customs vs US Customs
Going to the states they ask you for photo ID plus many other questions like.... where are you going? what is the purpose of your visit? Are those your kids? Can I see some ID for them....etc...official stuff like that....and he gets out of his booth to do a walk around of the van.

Coming back to Canada is another story altogether....What is the citizenship of everyone? How many are there in the vehicle? Are those your kids? Does their father know where they are? How long where you gone? How much did you spend?
At this point...I can't believe my ears and I start to fume all the way home about how LAME Canada Customs is. The guy wanted to know if DH knew where we were (a valid question in the case of child custody issues) BUT did not ask for any proof that these kids were actually mine or proof of who I was. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

With that issue dealt with....I won't tell you where we went as I'll save that for another day. As we drove around town, I noticed many things that I could take the sock to see and photograph. Here's what happened when I mentioned it.

ME: Hmmmm next time I'll bring the sock and take a picture of that sign.
teenage DD: Oh No Mom! Anything but the sock!!!!

Life is good....Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


MadMad said...

Ohhhhh! I wish I had more time to read some of your other posts because along with being about knitting, the first one was funny, but I'm supposed to be cleaning for houseguests who are arriving in one hour (so of course am in major denial reading blogs)... but did want to stop quick and say your guy is definitely sweater-worthy! Buy another suitcase, indeed! Now that is a man who knows what he's talking about! (And there are sooooo few of those!)

Georgie said...

If I knit your man a sweater will he come on holidays and let me buy more yarn too?? What a sweetie! Actually, I cant complain, my Beloved in (almost) infinently patient and understanding and helpful. I should probably knit him at least some writstwarmers first.

Sounds like you have hit on the perfect behavioural tool for your kids - The Sock!!! "If youre not careful, we'll take The Sock along...."! mwhahaha, evil but I like it!

TinkingBell said...

You're so luckiy to have a husband who encourages you! I had to smuggle an enormous stash back from a holiday earlier this year, because I went crazy in Canberra - You know those zip pockets on the front of your suitcase? They can hold heaps of yarn!

Jejune said...

He's a keeper! He definitely deserved that gorgeous jumper :)

Freaky Customs stuff - one of those problems we really don't have here in Oz on car trips! I like the idea of The Sock as Major Threat - could solve countless behavioural problems in your kids, for years to come ;)