Saturday, 19 September 2009

I said..."I DO!"

This past week I did something important and life changing. This is something that will require much of my time and money. Much of my free time will now be devoted to this.

I'm already married and I already have three kids so it can't be either of those things.

After I committed myself to this, I started to cry, hyperventilate and I wanted to throw up.

This is really starting to sound like my wedding day. But it isn't......

What I did do was sign my life away.

I am now officially a university student. I will spend the next few years taking courses to get the old sheep skin. I realize that it would be easier just to put everything on hold and attend classes full time, but I can't do that. As much as I would like to, my family won't let me set them aside while I pursue my higher education.

So how am I going for the brass ring while I have a DH, three kids, a full time job and all the chores that a family and a house produce? Correspondence courses.

Raise your hand if you think that I'm a masochist.

OKAY, can all put them down now.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A strange chain of events

Do you remember that I mentioned I work with a bunch of guys?

Even though I do, when one asks me what I did over the weekend I don't make something up to keep them in their comfort zone. No I didn't go to the races, I didn't go to a monster truck rally and I most certainly didn't go to a football watching, beer guzzling and butt scratching athon.

"I went to the Akwasane reserve in New York to buy fabric at the quilt store there"

How girly of a response can I give? I suppose that I could have also told him that I spent the weekend spinning or scrubbing toilets. But let's face it, one of those replies would have been a lie.

His reply??? He tells me that the supervisor's wife is a major quilter and they shop at that store all the time. Later that day I make small talk with the boss and we talk about cross border shopping for quilt fabric.

Now you may be wondering where I am going with this. The funny thing with chains of events, you never know where they are going to take you. If I had told to my co-worker, that I had done nothing all weekend, the following conversation would have never taken place.

Last Wednesday I walked into the office and the boss was there.
"There's a sale on at Akwasane this weekend." I know that he is referring to Dream Crafters. He even phones his wife to verify the dates of the sale. "It's from the 3rd to the 8th"

So on Labour Day,with my Visa and my passport in hand, I got into my car, headed along the 401 to Cornwall and crossed the bridge into New York. From there I headed east towards quilting mecca and a 25% off on fabric, notions, patterns and books sale. Did I also mention that since the store is on the reserve, there are no taxes?

I'm sure you know what happened next (sheepish grin)

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Does anyone know CPR?

I'm not an anal person. I can live with imperfections. My standards are not exceedingly high. The proof...just look at my housekeeping abilities. I'm just doing my kids a favour by helping them to boost their immune systems with small doses of germs throughout their childhood.

But how does soap scum in the shower and dog hair on the carpet relate to my knitting? While I can let most things slide......I do have high standards with my socks. My hard and fast rule, when it comes to socks, is that they must be perfectly identical.

So when it came time to finally do something with this sock yarn, I quickly realized that I would have to deal with any sock anxiety and go with the flow. This sock yarn was not going to align magically for me no matter how much I wanted it to.

Big deep breath..... I plunged in head first making sure that both socks were separate throughout the entire knitting time. I didn't need any reminders of what I was doing. Finally they were completed (almost as I still have to weave in the ends).

Much to my surprise, I'm still here. Despite the need for oxygen and the constant heart palpitations, the whole non matching socks experience didn't kill me. I am however, not ready to repeat it again, anytime soon as I wouldn't want to take any chances.
Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic