Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Shifting from Cheek to Cheek

Yesterday I bought a torture device.

Yes, I willing went to the store and bought something that was designed to inflict pain upon its users. Or maybe this thing is completely harmless and has been possessed by the demon of agony and sore muscles.

I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that I have not gone near one in over a decade. NAW!!!!! can't be it at all. It's got to do with an old gypsy curse dealing with torment. Or maybe a witch doctor put a spell on it to cause untold suffering to the users. Yes that must be it!
In any case, here's a picture of the guilty party:

Its only saving grace is the fact that it is attached to this:

So until my underside toughens up, while sitting down, I'll just shift from cheek to cheek, as I try to get comfortable.
Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic

Monday, 18 May 2009

Have Sheep, must Travel

Me: Woolworth what are you doing in my suitcase?
WW: I bought a book.
Me: OK, but what are you doing in my suitcase?
WW: I bought a book!
Me: I understand, you bought a book. But why did you get my suitcase out and why are you sitting in it?
WW: I have to go see Denise.
Me: Denise?
WW: I want her to sign my book.

Me:(clarity has come upon me) Oh I see. You do know that Denise lives very far away.
WW: That's okay. I have to ask her something very important.
Me: Why don't you ask me, it would save you a very long journey.
WW: No, it's something that I can only ask her.
Me: OK, but you'll have to wait a bit before I can get you and the book to her for the question and the signing.
WW: I can wait.
Me: I'm glad that you are showing such patience.
WW: So next week then?
Me: Not next week or even next month.
WW: So when?
Me: Before you know it.
WW: When is that?
Me: Forget what I said about you having patience. Why are you so anxious to meet Denise?
WW: Denise? I don't want to meet Denise. I want her to introduce me to LuLu.
Me: Lulu? This has just been about meeting Lulu?
WW: Yup.
Me: Figures!

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic