Friday, 6 January 2012

Four Years in the Making

Christmas has come and gone. Presents have been wrapped and the paper has been ripped off. The tree went up and recently came down yet I am still singing I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Christmas means many different things to many people and since I spent last Christmas experiencing shell shock I thought that this year I would look at creating new holiday traditions for me and my kids. My budget is small but I didn't want that to affect what my kids found under the tree. Fortunately I've discovered that one of the editors for the The New York Sun back in 1897 was right about there being a Santa Clause. My two youngest had a few freak out gifts under the tree and that was all I could hope or ask for this year.

The day was spent watching new movies, reading books and playing games. I spent the day enjoying having the kids around and basking in the love that surrounded me. But let's go back a few weeks......

The exchange of gifts......

What do I get for HIM......????

I was already knitting a pair of socks (from stash) because I know that he likes them and will wear them but what else should I wrap up for this man. My sister encourages me to take the high road and my mom says to just put the love out there and it will come back to you somehow. I say "let's think this thing through to match my budget and temperament."

Four years ago I started a sweater and finished the sleeves and the back up to the arm pit. Remembering this, I put it to the suitability test.

1) Is it practical and not too personal? Mostly
2) Is it cost effective? Yes (wool was bought long ago so no money out now)
3) Will he wear it? Possibly (He was seen wearing another sweater twice this winter that I knit....he didn't wear it at all last winter)
4) Will finishing the sweater put a hole in your stash that you can justify filling at a later date when things are better? Absolutely

Without further ado, I give you the sweater that was four years in the making.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic