Monday, 7 February 2011

The Begining

As promised, to myself mostly, here is my first post for my own seven things project. I did what I could, but considering I wasn't around any of my stuff this week, my outs are few and far between.

I brought a small selection of recipes (something else I collect) in one of the folders that I keep them in, to the apartment. One evening I went through them and got rid of a surprising amount of things. These would include manuals for long dead microwaves and recipes collected from newspapers and magazines for dishes that I will never make. If nothing else, it is a start.

My friend Taph made me realize that the time I do spend in the apartment does make me realize just how little I need. This, however, is a tainted view of reality as I am up to my eyeballs in work and have very limited spare time. When spare time returns I will need to return to my happy place and my usual leisure time activities will once again find a space in my life.

Other than a selection of several pieces of paper, I did manage to throw out a cracked chocolate mold. Onward and upward I go and this is just the begining.

Until next time
Yours in yarn,
The Fibreholic