Saturday, 25 July 2009

Wanted: A Life

It isn't just me, I think my whole family needs a life. I think this because I doubt if their reaction was motivated by a good blog post for me.


"Spring is here and once again, turtles are emerging from their winter hibernation. Many of the slow moving critters will attempt the extremely hazardous trek across roads and highways in search of food and nesting sites. Unfortunately, a turtle’s thin shell is no match for motor vehicles. Highway fatalities are devastating for turtle populations. In Ontario, we are lucky to have all eight of Canada’s native turtle species. Sadly, seven of these species (the Spotted, Wood, Blanding’s, Eastern Spiny Softshell, Common Musk Common Map and Snapping Turtles) have been classified by provincial and national authorities, as endangered, threatened or of special concern. The good news is that there are now 700 turtle crossing signs installed on highways throughout Ontario, thanks to the dedication and efforts of Turtle S.H.E.L.L Tortue (a registered charitable organization). You, as caring citizens, can help by paying close attention to the road and shoulders in these designated turtle crossing areas and near any water-bordering areas from April to September."

The above is an excerpt from a post by this organization.

With that being said (or written) let me continue on with my lack of life story. I was getting dressed for work the other day when I looked out the window.

Me: Hey there's a turtle on our lawn, quick go get the camera!

The whole family rushed out to see the turtle. DH had the camera and took several shots. Seriously, I have never seen four people move that fast. I doubt that they could move that fast if the house was on fire.

Yup, I definitely need some excitement in my life!
Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

No more smoke signals

This is a tale of two companies.
A few weeks ago ,DH decided that enough was enough. Dial Up was too slow and we kept getting disconnected after 10 minutes of activity. This is no tconducive to web surfing/downloading by any stretch of the imagination.

There are very few Internet companies servicing my area (aka the boonies) so there is little to choose from. The one company we did decide upon has two install contractors and this is where my story begins:

Installer number one was rather eager to make an appointment.
"Are you sure no one will be home on Monday?"
"Yes I'm sure"
"What about Tuesday?"
"Same thing....."
He shows up on Wednesday, because I'm not working that day and he has no other choice to accept this. After standing on my roof twice and calling to see if the nearest tower is undergoing some unscheduled maintenance, he tells me that the very tall trees surrounding my property are interfering and he can't even get a bar. He tells me that he'll put my name on the list if a much closer tower becomes available. He leaves with $30 of my money.

With head hung low, I shuffle back to my Neanderthal cave to once again send the equivalent of smoke signal emails.

DH is determined in his need for speed and, when he gets home, calls our neighbour to find out how she got high speed with the same Internet company. Answer: she used installer company number two.

Company number two asks questions when we make the appointment. They want to know they layout of our property and surrounding area, do we have tall trees....etc. All things that would affect us getting a signal.

The appointment is made. This time two guys show up and they bring an extender with them. They test the signal from the top of our antenna: two bars. They go up even higher: Five bars.

Moral of the story. High speed Internet is a wonderful thing, but people who know what they are doing are priceless.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic