Monday, 22 February 2010

A tail of Two Kitties

Against all logic and massive allergies, last June DH decided that we needed to get a cat. I really wish that he would let me sit down when making these types of announcements. I am worried about possible brain damage because I hit my head on the floor when I go crashing to the ground.

The mom of one of the teen's friends told us about a neighbour with kittens to give away. So the arrangements were made in secret and DH and I went the following Saturday under the guise of grocery shopping. He wanted a female kitten and they had two left, both female. He chose one and I jokingly said "let's take both".

I feel at this point I must interrupt and remind everyone that despite being a bonafide ogre, DH is an animal lover, through and through. So after chatting with the owners of the mama cat he broke down and said, "we might as well take both".

So I scooped up both kittens, stuck them in the box and ran to the car before he had the chance to change his mind.

At first the kittens, named Picasso and Monet, spent their nights in the basement then it was the garage for their nocturnal frolics. As we live in the boonies, it was DH's plan all along to have the cats play rodent control and so far they have done their job very well. Being litter mates the two were extremely attached and rarely left each other's side. The kids were over the moon about adding to the zoo and the kittens have become apart of the family. Regularly they could be found sleeping with one of the kids or getting chased by an irate knitter with a tangled mess of yarn.

This tale does not have a happy ending I'm afraid. Living in the country, there are rodents but there are also larger, more dangerous creatures. We have not seen Monet in over 36 hours and there are strange tracks on our property. There were sobs and tears this morning and quiet reflexion this afternoon. Now there is acceptance.


Monet and Picasso having a nap

It is something that we must deal with living out here in the boonies but doesn't get any easier. Goodbye Monet, we love you.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic