Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Eyes Have IT

Okay, now it's confession time.

I am totally in love with James Franco's eyes. So Last night I watched Tristan & Isolde for about the 10th time. I'll probably watch it many, many, many more times. I was watching East of Eden the other night starring James Dean and I commented to DH of the striking resemblance Franco had to Dean. DH agreed and said that if anyone were to play the life of Dean, James Franco would be a good choice. Lo and behold....James Franco played James Dean in a TV movie titled none other than James Dean. It's now on my list of movies to watch.

I should also confess that I am a big movie fan. I watch very little TV because I'm always watching a DVD instead. While in AUS, I went to the movies 4 times. Talk about luxury...with 3 kids I'd never get to go to so many movies in a two week period. DH doesn't have a problem with my movie fascination because 1) I have good taste when it comes to movies (The Fantastic Four DOESN'T count) and 2) He thinks that most TV shows being produced now are a bunch of crap.

When people come to visit me, one thing they notice is the amount of works in progress I have. While it seems that I have a knitting project in every room of the house, the kid's rooms and the bathrooms are WIP free. I make up for that by having several WIP in the TV room. .....Sigh..... and still I yearn to start more projects.

My mom, on one of her rare visits, asked me how I ever get anything done with so many projects on the go. Maybe I should tell her about the scarf. I finished the second sleeve of my summer sweater/top and am now beavering away at the front (aka the final piece).

I have an eight year old in the house today...yesterday she was only seven.....How did that happen????? I'm feeling so old........wait...... A couple of months ago a woman came into work and couldn't believe that I had a 13-year old. Now THAT made me feel WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I agreed to work on my DD's birthday so I'd better cut this short and spend some time with her.

So with that being said, I must be off
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Welcome to the knitting blog ring!

Dianna said...

Love James Franco?? ALOT of older women do & that includes me!
I made a blog of admiration for him @ with lots of pics of him as James Dean (whom he aced in that movie, BTW) and videos, etc. If you go to & type in James Dean, you'll find pics of the 2 of them becuz they resemble each other so much!

- Dianna

Jejune said...

I think it's perfectly reasonable for every room in the house to have its own knitting project in progress... makes sense to me!

My YOUNGEST turns 16 tomorrow, which definitely is making me feel old...