Tuesday, 3 July 2007

With Great Patience

Slow and Steady

Sigh...a gal shouldn't have to deal with these things when she's got so much to say. The new computer is up and running once again but it looks like the old hard drive is toast and will have to go to a recovery expert. GRRRRRRR..... IT WAS FINE BEFORE HE STARTED PLAYING COMPUTER TECH!!!!!!!!
I'm okay now, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

So what have I been doing since we last chatted? I've been traveling down the path of discovery.

Things I've Discovered
  1. Hot pink dye is hard to wash off.
  2. 8 year old girls are harder to wrangle than 6 year old boys.
  3. My 13 year old has an unnatural urge to shoot rodents.
  4. The house is so much quieter when said 13 year old is at camp.
  5. It is possible for me to finish knitting a scarf.
  6. I can't knit a patterned sock and watch Johnny Depp on the big screen at the same time.
  7. If you're not sure you want to see a certain movie...don't go just to see a movie. You are probably going to waste your money. Ex. The Fabulous Four- The Rise of the Silver Surfer. Good thing I bought some nice spinning fibre so the day wasn't a total write-off.
  8. My kids don't mind if I knit at the movies, in the van or in McDonald's. According to my eight-year old I'm an expert knitter and I'm not weird because I don't knit underwear.
  9. Sitting in front of a giant fan makes spinning possible in summer.
  10. And it is possible to frighten 5 teens into silence as you drive 1 hour to a year end trip.
I'm working on a summer sweater that I started last summer...(Yeah, I know). I'm working on the second sleeve and have the front to do. I'd let you see it but I'm still waiting for certain programs to be added to this machine. This is me exercising great patience.

And with that... I must be off
Yours in Yarn
The Fibreholic

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