Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I embarrass her

DD: Do you have to knit at the movies?
DD: You and your yarn.
DD: I'm so embarrassed.

Not only was it the knitting in public....but I laugh too loud at the movies. She is 13 and I can't do anything right.....I'll live with it....
I took her to see The Order of the Phoenix last night. Not a bad movie, but some of my favorite scenes from the book never made it to the big screen.

But in other movie news....there was a trailer for Mr. Bean's Holiday before the feature started. It is being released in North America August 24th. I was shocked!!!! I've already seen the movie. It was playing in Canberra, AUS back in May. DH and I saw it there and loved it. We'll be taking the whole clan to see it....

I've been reading some blogs and have noticed some have put pixs up of their neighbourhood. I've decided to do the same every now and then. First is a pix of one of my neighbour's pets....her name it piggly wiggly.....we know not to get too close as she will bite. Every now and then, she'll escape and come for a visit. That's my rooster in the background. His name is's short for Henry the hen-pecked.

Next is my favorite tree on my property. It's a Weeping Willow.

Nothing really crafty to report today as it's just too stinky hot to do much of anything. Hopefully I'll soon be able to convince DH to model his sweater that I recently finished. But wearing a wool sweater in 30 degree weather (with humidity) is not his idea of fun no matter how much he likes it.

Until next time

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Georgie said...

Your poor DD, she just suffers so much ;-) You shoudl cehck out Tinkingbells' blog (if you havent already) - she wrote a fabulous post on parenting few days back! (link in my blog)

Looks like you have a beautiful place - wow, sunshine, green, havent seen that in what seems like forever here! And I can't wait til we buy our won place again and can have some chookies - love 'em!

Jejune said...

Poor DD, she's clearly sufferin' bad, LOL. I think it's a parent's DUTY to embarrass their children as often as humanly possible.

That pig looks a bit scary. Love the lush green! And cool to hear that a movie was actually released in Australia BEFORE somewhere else - I'm used to us being last with everything!

Doris Gorodok said...

Dear fellow Gryffindor....I hate to break the news to you but, if your DD is only 13, you will be a humiliation to her for several more years. Mine are 20 and 22 and I still, at times, am a horrible embarassment to them. But the older one is starting to move out of it. Although, my friends tell me that 25 is the age where they look at us and wonder how we have learned so much in the past few years! Actually, I think that may have been Mark Twaine that said that about his own father.

Welcome to the swap! I'm a Second Year Gryffindor and can tell you that you are in for loads of fun.

BTW, I love Mr. Bean and am so looking forward to August 24th!

TinkingBell said...

Yay you!! I'm so pleased that there is so much potential embarrassment for my children ahead of me!! re your DD - My father used to comment that I couldn't be that smart - there were 1 billion chinese children who could speak mandarin - and I couldn't - took me a while to realise that he was almost right- Mandarin and english are both hard! Welcome to my blog