Saturday, 21 July 2007

Let the games begin

I've got the teenager back......and the hormones are running many more days until September 4th?????
Seriously though....
We picked her up on Thursday night, from cadet camp, in Kingston, ON with the plans of watching her graduation parade. Because of all the rain it was held inside. After my experience with it last year, I came prepared. I brought Variegated with me. But I shouldn't have worried because of the parade being held indoors the whole thing, thank yous and awards last only about 45 minutes.

Can you pick her out???? Didn't think took me a while to find her. Even DH had trouble.

DH: Looks like she gained weight in the last three weeks.

ME: Really??? I wouldn't have thought so with all the activity.

DH: Oh wait...I was looking at the wrong kid.

She was there for three weeks and did her first level of the boatswain course. She spent her time on motorized whalers and a tall ship. However during the training session on the tall ship a fire broke out. Read all about it here. The kid even has a trophy from the event... a blanket from the US Coast Guard. Six of their boats came to evacuate many of the cadets. The Canadian Coast Guard had come and gone taking the few cadets, with injuries, for medical attention. For the suspicious reading this...the fire happened on Friday the 13th.

Back to Thursday.

You'd better believe I made her hold the Sock....under great protest though. She thinks I'm weird now. Actually she did before....but now she has witnesses. And if you think she was embarrassed to hold the Sock.....wait until you see what I did next.

This is "Brucie". He was the gift of the RMC Club on the year of the school's centennial. This cadet camp is held at the Royal Military College (there are several camps throughout Canada). As a prank, "Brucie" gets painted in regimental colours during the school year. So DH doesn't think he minded holding the Sock....besides mojo must be collected!!!

DD: Mom you're embarrassing me....

DH: Guys get out of the picture....your mom needs to take this...

DD: I'm not related to any of you....

And because this picture is just soooo cute, I've just got to post it. Yup....for all her talk...she missed her little brother and sister.

Until next time,

Yours in Yarn

The Fibreholic


Nicole said...

Sounds like she had a wonderful time. You must be very proud.

Imagine what it will be like when she goes away for college - she'll miss her siblings even more :-)

Georgie said...

What an adventure! Very sweet pic of the three of them together. And some very good sock karma accumulated too.