Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Ode to my Green Merino

Ode to my green merino
so lovely and green.
Ode to my green merino
the nicest I've ever seen.

The moment I saw you,
I knew you would be mine.
So soft, lovely
and very fine.

In a bag you were,
waiting to be spun.
When I saw you,
I knew we would have fun.

That other lady wanted you,
she didn't even say please.
I knew to have you,
I'd have to beat her to her knees.

Even though she was a senior,
it didn't matter to me.
She might have been an older lady,
but you and I had to become a "we".

You are a delight
and compared to others, you are the boss.
You are practical as well,
my green merino super wash.

I can't begin to tell you,
of how you are nice.
Better still,
you cost me half price.

How do I show my love?
Do I spin you right away?
Perhaps I'll wait,
and think on it for a day.

Will you be a sweater,
or many pairs of mitts?
Doesn't matter green merino,
for me you are it.

So lovely and soft,
you didn't cost much cash.
But let's dispense with shallow sentimentality,
I bought you for my stash.


Taphophile said...

lol - great poem to start the day. The wool is, indeed, worthy of a poem. Lucky you. :)

Georgie said...

What a hoot - and what gorgeous yarn. Just right for a cable beanie.....just kidding!! I love the colour. Enjoy your together time!