Thursday, 12 July 2007

Bouncing Baby Bunnies

Let me tell you a story about something that happened to me last April.
I'm still in shock!!!

I should give you a piece of background info. My DH is allergic to rabbits and this is how a one time conversation regarding the subject of bunnies went.

ME: What do you think about me getting a bunny?
DH: Okay as long as we keep it outside.
ME: I won't bother then. If I get a bunny I want it as a pet, in the house.

Back to last April......out of the blue DH tells me that he wouldn't mind if I got a bunny. THUD (this is me fainting and hitting my head on the floor) When I come to....I realize that he was serious. So if I'm getting a green light for the bunny, I'm getting one with benefits.

This is Tristan at 8 weeks. He's an English Angora and is just a sweetheart. I picked him up the second last week in June. Did I mention that Angora spinning fibre is out of this world expensive? Once he lightens up (as he has already begun to), he'll be an off white. So I'll have no problem dyeing his fibre.

How did DH react to my cuddly baby boy? He agreed that Tristan was cute and he calls him Bunny Boy and says that he looks more like a fuzzy slipper than an animal. After five days DH actually picked him up (washing his hands afterwards) and commented on how soft he was.

"But Janet." you say, "you can't get much fibre from one bunny"

To which I reply...."No you can't.....looks like I'll need more than one"......DH is in Montreal right now and will be back tomorrow....and BOY is he in for a surprise. Remember my fascination with James Franco's eyes???? He is the reason I named my boy bunny Tristan (BTW it is a very English name), from the movie Tristan & Isolde. When DH comes home tomorrow night he'll meet none other than.......

You guessed it.....Isolde. She is a little more timid than Tristan, but is still very cuddly. She is the same colour as Tristan but her wool is already starting to lighten up. Won't they make the cutest babies????....OOPS did I say that out loud? hehehehehehehehe Nothing like a little S.E.X in your own home.

Better sign off before I say something really over the top.

Yours in Yarn,

The Fibreholic


Jejune said...

OOoooooooh BUNNIES!!!! OMFG they are so damn CUTE *faints*.

Georgie said...

Holy bunny contraception Batman, I can't wait to see how this thing develops!!!

They are indeed cute and how cool is it to have your own automatically replenishing stash??

Dianna said...

Those bunnies are sooooooooooo cute!!! They look fake actually!! But I know they're not!
"Tristan + Isolde"!!! VERY cute names!! And I LOVE that movie!! (And James Franco!!)
Can't wait to see the babies! It shouldn't be long!!

- Dianna

Taphophile said...

Bunnieeeeeees! They are very cute and ever so practical. Congratulations on the new additions to you family. :)