Friday, 27 July 2007

A glutton for punishment

I will readily admit it....I have NO patience for scarves. I've been working on a Harry Potter scarf for my oldest kid since the fourth movie came out. I keep it in the car to work on when I'm bored for the project I did bring along for the road trip. You know, out of sight.....out of mind.

So what do you think I went and did.....ARRRGGGGHHHH...I've started a new scarf!!!!
It is currently 25"/63 cm long. It is a fingering weight merino/silk blend that I dyed myself and knit on 4mm needles in a lovely lace pattern. Very nice to work with BUT after spending hours on the scarf I discovered this.........

I have 70 grams left of the ball......from the 100g ball ......Enough to make a grown woman cry......WAAAAAAA!!!! Why do I do this to myself????WHY, WHY, WHY???????

It is another stinky hot day.....tomorrow they promise rain and if it happens I'm going to go outside and enjoy every single rain drop.

Movie News......wouldn't you know it....another movie will be released in August that was out last May in Aus. Becoming Jane......I didn't see it as it was a scheduling thing, DH and I ended up seeing Half Nelson instead. So there....Australia isn't always the last on the list.


I've got my sock swap partner in the Hogwarts sock swap. She's from Ravenclaw. I dyed 50g in a gorgeous blue. The other 50g were dyed using black food colouring.....didn't turn out so well.....I think it turned out to be the colour of the cadaver in my biology text book. Maybe I'll break down and buy a ball of light grey sock wool to make the socks with, I'm sure that my swap partner will be grateful.

On the other hand, I think that I'll design a new sock pattern just for the occasion......

With the possibilities being endless I say.....

Yours in Yarn,

The Fibreholic


Kathy said...

But at least it's a very pretty scarf, and once it's long enough to go around your neck once the rest is just bonus length. (That's how I convince myself that it's worth going on.)

Nicole said...

Those are lovely colors for a scarf. And it seems that you're halfway there. Scarves always seem like they take forever, don't they?

Jejune said...

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep.... ;)

The scarf looks really beautiful, even if it's driving you slightly nuts.

Good luck with dyeing that sock yarn. Dotter used some of the Wilton's black food colouring paste, and got quite good results, I seem to recall.

Georgie said...

Really lovely colours in that yarn, they come up so nicely with the lace pattern. I almost always have a scarf on the go, for knitting at work, when Ive had a few (too many) wines, when Im desparate to knit but the Pirate is up and about.

TinkingBell said...

Noy a scarfoholic myself, no. I have the travelling scarf and can NEVER understand why we make new knitters make them - just to test their endurance? Get them to knit a hat - or a sock - or a dishcloth!!! But the scarf does looke gorgeous - and the wool is yummy!