Friday, 14 December 2007

Go ahead....spoil me!

The famous brown truck came to my house today. Fortunately my dog didn't attack and eat the nice man. He did, however, thank DH for having the dog tied up. My dog is a subject for another day but let's just say that she is somewhat possessive of the house and her family.

What did Mr. UPS bring the Fibreholic today.....lots of goodies. My package arrived from my Hogwart's swap pal. Her name is Nancy and she lives in Denver, CO. Check out her blog, she makes gorgeous dolls.

First is the pair of socks she knitted for me. I was sorted into the Gryffindor house so the colours are scarlet and gold. I just love them. I think that I'll wear them to work on Monday and force everyone to admire them.But wait, that was only the beginning. She also sent a Christmas tree ornament, stitch markers, goat's milk soap, sock yarn leftovers, chocolates and two sets of crystal palace bamboo DPNs. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to trying out those needles. I think this calls for a cast on party, just me, some yummy sock yarn and Cat Bordhi's new book. What she may not have realized when she packed this parcel was I can find a crafty use for the green, red and gold tissue paper that was in the box.

My only wasn't summer so Mr. UPS wasn't wearing his cute brown shorts. :)

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

I love your socks. Someone is a breve sole knitting for you. You are such a pro. All of your gifts look really nice.
Glad the UPS man made it out ok.

MadMad said...

Those are some awesome socks! What a great package!

Sounds like your dog and mine could be pals. Mine despises the mailman to the point that if he even SEES a mail truck while we're walking, he goes on high alert. (Oddly, as soon as he sees it's a different mailman, he is fine.)

Cassandra Dolohov said...

I'm very glad you like your package! It was fun knitting these for you. I am so glad you are happy with the color choices.

I have really enjoyed the hot chocolate you sent. I haven't tried the soaps yet 'cause I plan to take pictures to post this weekend. They smell WONDERFUL! And the socks are really very lovely. I really love the colors and the pattern is very lovely. You are a very accomplished knitter which is very apparent in the workmanship.

Thank you again for everything!

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting!

Your Hogwarts swap pal,