Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Finally an end to the Montanas mess

Yes....we're back to that. Here is what has been happening between myself and that restaurant over the past month.

Nov. 7th-DH and I decide to try Montanas Cookhouse for the first time. Very rude staff and substandard food. Read all the details here.

Nov. 11th- Fill out the online feedback questionnaire and tell them what happened.

Nov. 12th- Get a call from the manager of that location. She apologizes and tells me that she would like to send me a give-X (gift card) as compensation. That would be fine with me. I give her my address and prepare to write a blog post on how promptly and efficiently this woman took care of the situation.

Nov. 26th- Nothing has arrived in the mail from Montanas. I call the restaurant. The manager says they are backed up, they just got the give-Xs in last Friday and it'll be mail out that week. She does write a letter apologizing once again and hopes the card will get me back into the restaurant.

Nov. 30th- Still nothing. I call the customer service at the head office and tell them.

Dec. 7th - The card and letter are sent.

Dec. 11th - My compensation arrived. It was bad enough having a birthday celebration ruined by rude staff and being put off by the manager, but a measly $25 gift card after all that is nothing more than a slap in the face.

The least I was hoping for was enough for a meal for two. Guess my good opinion isn't even worth that.

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Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic

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Nancy said...

This sounds a place to avoid for sure. I hope a lot of people in your area read your blog and see what they are like.
What are you knitting now? I am making my Great Grandaughter a sweater out of my head. I hope it turns out. I have the back and front done so far. Now I am starting on sleeves, then inventing a collar. lol. Wish me luck.