Thursday, 20 December 2007

Deja Vu

There was Deck the Hall-ing, there was Fa la la-ing and even even some Ho Ho Ho-ing. And I had to sit through all of it. DH got to miss out using work as a lame excuse. The things people miss out on when the have a full time, can't get out of it, type job.

The Kindergarten kids were, as usual, the most entertaining. They got to sing a song with so many verses that after a while we honestly thought the song was over, so we applauded. Nope.....not done yet.....there's another verse. I guess the little ones think that it's normal for the audience to clap 3 - 4 times during a song. Here is DD #2...can you tell which one she is....I think that she spent the whole time on stage waving at me...

Two of my kids attend a small school. It goes from JK to grade 4. But when they hold the Christmas concert, enough people show up to cause problems. The Fire Marshall told the school the the capacity of the gym is 177 people, not 250. So what do they do? Divide the concert in two with half the classes performing today and the other half yesterday. So if one afternoon of bad singing and crazy dance routines was bad enough.....guess what I did yesterday?

I'd like to thank however divided up the concert in a way to force me to attend both days. Hence the Deja Vu.

DS dressed up for the event. I had one lady stop me in the hall afterwards to tell me how cute he was.

I'm so glad that Christmas only comes once a year....Sigh...I know what you're the near future my kids will get older and Christmas concerts will be a thing of the past.....and that I will miss going to them. couldn't be more correct.

Plus it is a great time to work on a basic sock. It's great for when you're suppose to at least pretend that you're paying attention.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Kathy said...

They're so cute when they're little. Kids, bunnies, puppies, it's the only way they can survive into adulthood is by playing on the whole "I'm so cute" factor.

Good luck with all the snow. I'm sort of hoping we get a ton on Sunday so we don't have to go to In-Laws for Christmas.

Nancy said...

Oh that is so cute with your little
girl waving to you. She would melt my heart. I'm glad you got to knit your sock while you were watching.

TinkingBell said...

They are cute - mine was on a float for our local Christmas parade with the rest of Kindergarten - as the Virgin Mary (but she wanted to be an angel!)
It's the cute factor that stops us killing them on bad days!!!

Melinda said...

Great post! Sock knitting (or any knitting) is such a great way to surreptiously get through a difficult moment...

Taphophile said...

Knit like it isn't happening and contemplate using the spare dpn on the father who insists on standing in front of you to take video of his little darling or the mother with the freakin' mobile phone strapped to her head!

Yes, I am a veteran of these things, they don't get any better and it is still great to go.