Saturday, 15 December 2007

Bye Buy Bunnies

The babies are ready to leave home. As much as I would like to keep them all, it's getting crowded in the cage. Two of them are already spoken for and will be gone as soon as I get payment. So here you go, the last pictures of this litter.
These cuties are three lovable boys who love attention.

These two bucks were given the name "the twins" by one of my kids. They are the only white ones of the bunch. One of them is even the pick of the litter.

And last but definitely not least are my two does. I'm going to miss them all, but they've got to go.

And now for some knitting! I started this scarf during my trip to Australia as I wanted something besides socks to work on while on the bus. It is Lucy Neatby's Sea Lettuce scarf. I purchased the Vero by Naturally from the Shearing Shed in Canberra. When I saw the colours I knew that it would be perfect for a project for my pink loving 8 year old. It is going to be a Christmas gift. (I guess that it is possible for me to finish a scarf)
Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

That scarf is great. I love the colors and the way you knit it. I just finished the sweater I was making with no pattern. It came out now, I hope she likes it. The bunnies are sooo cute. Too bad they are leaving.

Taphophile said...

Damn those bunnies are cute - I can see why it's hard to part from them.

Your sea lettuce scarf is divine. There's every reason to expect and ecstatic 8yr old reaction to that gift. :)

Kristen said...

Ok, those little ones are too cute for words! Oh, I would have a difficult time parting with them as well. You are a good woman! :) The scarf is beautiful! Love it!

Kathy said...

No more cute bunny pictures? What will I do for my aaawwwwww fix now?

The scarf is great. I can tell you that my own 8 year old daughter would certainly love it. She tells people that her favorite color is pinknpurple.

TinkingBell said...

OOOh bunnies - how bout you call the ups man (hsorts or no shorts) and send 'em on down to me - they are so cute - I could just knit them up!

Lisa said...

If I wasn't overrun with cats I would SO OWN A BUNNY...those guys are cute! And they've grown so fast.

Lovely scarf too - my daughter would love those colours too!

MadMad said...

Look how big they are already - wow! So cute! Can you swipe a bunch of their fur before they go to spin and knit? Love the scarf; such a cute pattern!

Nancy said...

Please visit my blog today, I gave you the Nice Matters Award.