Monday, 31 December 2007

I Wanna Webkinz

DD#2: I wanna a Webkinz.
Me: A what?
DD#2: A Webkinz.
Me: We'll see. (Translation.......I have no idea what a Webkinz is and probably don't want to know.)

No matter how cool I think that I might be, somewhere there is a group of people who are conspiring against me. They lie awake at night thinking of things that my kids will want to buy. They will also think of ways to market them to my kids so that I won't have a clue that these things exist.

So as not to appear too dorky, I avoid the subject of Webkinz. It works until we went Christmas shopping at a toy store that specializes in bobble heads. (Don't get me started on those.) The last aisle we go through has a Webkinz display.

Me (to myself): Maybe now I'll figure out what these things are.

The display is quite empty except for miniature T-shirts and body spray. This is NO help at all. I have gained no new insight at all. I mean...body spray???? targeted at kids???? Not even my children want to go around smelling like bananas.

Has the world sunk to a new level of stupid? I just don't understand.

DD#2: I can have Webkinz?

I ignore the question. I turn around and join DS . He is playing with Transformers. I understand those.

Last night I did what I should have originally done. I asked Google, what is a Webkinz?

Google told me that is was just another way for the toy people to rid me of my hard earned dollars and to give up Internet time.

I think that I'll go back to my 9.4 rating on the hick-o-meter and wait for the next fad.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nicole said...

I had to look this up also - I agree with you on this being another fad. This is what google had to show me for reasons to buy one.

~RaenWa~ said...

I guess these are the new big thing that all the kids want bf neice wanted on ths yr I couldn't find one..I love how all these people complain about how kids spend to much time online & watching tv but yet they make a toy for your kid to get online & spend tons of time lol

Nancy said...

OhHHH, I am so glad I don't have to hunt kids toys as an I Want thing anymore. Oh my, I would never understand it now.
I just left close to your snowy area today and came to Ohio, also
snowy, but not what they and probably you are getting now. Watertown is supposed to get socked, and I don't mean the kind you like to knit.
Happy New Year.

MadMad said...

Oh, I've whined before about Webkinz. But secretly? I wish I'd invented them. That person is making a fortune. And you know what? For $10, it buys quite a bit of fun. They do end up hogging your computer, and obsessing two seconds later for a second Webkinz animal, but, just sayin': if you have to cave, there are worse things. The computer games are pretty educational, all in all, and fun - the kids design their doll's room, etc., and then have to go earn money to buy the stuff they need.

Anyway. Happy New Year! (I was thinking of you all week while skiing, working on another pair of crazy socks...)

Lisa said...

They aren't too terrible - I like the fact that they can go to a secure web site and play around and there is a cute stuffed animal around too...I feel better about these than Barbie or Bratz.

Kathy said...

Daughter is the proud owner of 2 Webkinz dolls and (get this) 3 packs of Webkinz trading cards. Be strong and don't give in on this one. Once they have one it's only good on the internet for one year, unless they register a new one. Once you buy in, you're hooked forever.

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Kristen said...

Hahahah! YOu had me rolling in laughter! I don't understand many of these new fangled things, but thankfully my kids aren't into them! Whew! It is good to be back to bloggerville! Hugs from NY!