Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The ghost of Halloween past, present and future

During DH's stint in the military, we lived in base housing. Base housing usually has its own subdivision that is well separated from the rest of the city. The area is usually quite large and on Halloween we could expect over 100 kids come to the door. The military police would patrol the streets giving that warm and fuzzy safe community feeling.

WARNING!!! Pet peeve approaching.

Throughout the nig
ht I would come across kids who were not from the neighbourhood and were driven to mine by parents. I didn't get ripped off by buying overpriced candy to give it out to kids from all over the city. My kids aren't going to their house....not that they're home to give my kids candy because they are standing at my door. Do I yell at the parents and tell them to go bug their own neighbours for candy? Do I refuse to give candy to the kid???? Sigh...I just grin and bear it. I make my own kids cry need to do that to some stranger's.

Fast forward to today. We are living in the country, on a street that is 2 km long with about 8 houses. No one on the street gives out candy. If they did I don't think that my kids would want to work that hard for candy and chips. So what do I do???? I am not hypocritical. I do not drive the kids to the nearest town. On the closest non school night, we rent movies, stay up late, eat junk food and the kids camp out in the TV room. While there is a small bit of complaining they are generally satisfi
ed and I'm sure they won't need therapy to get over the not going out trick or treating.

The babies are now old enough to be held by the 8 and 6 year old so we had our first play date when they got home from school.

The teen went to a Halloween dance last Saturday night. I think that she really needs some help in the makeup department.

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Taphophile said...

We all have our pet peeves but you have pet bunnies! Too cute.

Jejune said...

I can understand that you'd be a bit peeved about the kids being shipped in... glad your kids don't mind the lack of trick & treating where you are. We got 4 kids to our door last night, but that was it - an average turnout for Australia!


My Goth Dotter has scary makeup SORTED, wonder if she can give lessons ;)

MadMad said...

Also? Kids who grab by the fistful instead of just taking ONE. (And you mean you're not supposed to make other people's kids cry? What about that whole it takes a village thing?) :)

Kristen said...

We weren't even at home. We went to our church for a harvest fest and it was wonderful!

Kathy said...

We had neighbors who one year decided to try going to the fancy neighborhood to trick or treat. They were under the inpression that the rich people would be handing out money or golden covererd chocolates or something. They were very disappointed with their haul. I told the mom that the rich people didn't get rich by giving stuff away. We stick to our low brow, but very generous, neighborhood.

knitnthings said...

I've been known to refuse candy to the kids that don't get dressed up. I made the effort to go get your candy - least you could do is make the effort to put on a costume!

Them bunnies ar too cute!!