Friday, 26 October 2007

My Hands for Hire

I'm making good time on Salinas (the green sweater) so I decided to work on another of my commission pieces. I have to turn this..... into this.... There was counting and math involved. There will be swatching and measuring and all that fun stuff. She found the tank top at an ooh lah lah kind of store and has lived in it for the past few years. She wants something to replace it as the top is getting worn.

I received a call from the phone tag client and I met up with her today. The guy who wants the fisherman's sweater will have to wait until the yarn is ordered, comes in, is paid for before I can start.

I'll try to answer a few questions that I've been getting. First of all, there will be a burning of the midnight oil and now when you see me, I will always have needles in my hands. As for the commissions themselves, then tend to fall on my lap. There will be a bag of yarn and pattern waiting for me when I get to work or someone will call (or come in) asking if there is someone who knits for other people. I either get volunteered or offer my services. I have yet to come across a pattern that I really didn't want to knit. If I did, I suppose that I would just ask for an amount
so outrageous, the client would say no thanks.

I have yet to come up with a formula for how much to charge. I can only estimate how long it will take me to knit the garment. I know that I'll probably end up with slave wages if an hourly rate is calculated when I'm finished. So far, however, I've been content with what I've gotten when the project was finished. Last year, I knit a Philosopher's sweater for a client. About three weeks after delivering the finished item, I received a call from the client. She had me knit the sweater for her mom and called to thank me once again and to tell me that her mom has worn the sweater and it has received many compliments. Needless to say, that call made my day.

I have encountered three scenarios in knitting for others. 1) I am to knit the item to the measurements found in the pattern, 2) The clients sends me the necessary measurements or 3)The client comes in and I get the necessary numbers.

Hope that answers some questions.
Until next time

Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Mimi Lenox said...

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Kristen said...

You are far more clever than I. The yarn looks wonderful! Best of luck to you, even though I doubt there will be any luck necessary! :)

Nancy said...

That yarn looks so wonderful. I could get lost in a yarn shop. I think you have some wonderful choices there. I am reading a book you might like (if you ever have time to read). It is called the Friday Night Knitting Club by
Kate Jacobs. The woman has a yarn shop and does commission knitting.

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