Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Watch where you're putting that tag!

I've been tagged. Georgie tagged me and gave me the rockin' girl blogger award. Now Nancy has tagged me with a challenge to come up with 7 interesting things about myself. Easier said than done. They may not be interesting, but here's my list......

Seven Things....about Me!

DH was in the military for 22 years. I have never been fortunate enough to live overseas but so far I've lived all over Canada. I've lived in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

I make my own soap, hand cream and other bath and body products.

I have two college diplomas. One I got after High School, the other because I was bored and decided to go back to school to fill my time.

My fondest childhood memory was when my mom told me that she had seen some of my knitting and that I was now good enough to tackle something harder, like a sweater.

I love to travel but outside of Canada, I've only been to the US, England and Australia.

I play the piano, flute and sax.

I've been known to turn around and tell the people behind me, regardless of who the are or how big they are, to shut up. It is a movie theatre....not their living room. I paid to hear the movie not them or their crinkly bags of candy, they brought from home, because they are to cheap to buy popcorn. This is my biggest pet peeve.

Gotta go knit.......
Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Anonymous said...

I have an eigth thing you gals don't know about her.

She's HOT!

OK, not so anonymous...


Kristen said...

Oh how funny! You are quite talented! We already knew that you are an expert knitter, but it is so interesting to hear of the other accomplishments in your life as well! Totally know what you mean about the movies!!

Nancy said...

I came to see if you posted your facts about you and there they were.
You are a very interesting person.
I was a career military wife too.
I just told my great grandaughter, Haali, (daughter of Christiancrafter) blog, that she should start a sweater now.
I love Canada by the way. We love to go to the Inn at Lock 7 in Thorold.

MadMad said...

What a funny guy, that DH! I LOVE that you can tell the people behind you to shut up. I'm way too chicken.