Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Look who is in the Dog House

About three years ago, I knit him a sweater.
It was a basic top down, raglan sleeve.
I knit it with this.

It is a cotton/acrylic blend. Not the greatest quality of yarn but he chose the colour as it reminded him of a sweater from The Matrix. He called it his Matrix sweater without the holes.

He used to wear it all the time.

That is, until he lost it.

You read that right. My 42 year old DH lost a sweater. I was planning on knitting him a sweater that I was going to
copy from The Bourne Identity. I was going to make it out of a very yummy yarn (alpaca/silk/merino blend).

At least he does understand why I may never make him another sweater.

He thinks that he may have left it in Canberra. I wonder if Russell has a lost and found for items left behind by careless husbands. I was working on this sweater for him. But after this incident all work on this sweater has stopped........

Until next time
Yours in Yarn
The Fibreholic


Jejune said...

Aaaargh! If you have a photo of the lost jumper, put it online in case any of us Canberra-ites see it around... a long shot, I know, but we're willing to try! Can't you just imagine us running and tackling some random guy, to get a closer look at his jumper?

Does this have Boyfriend Curse ramifications? Hmmm - Make jumper, Husband loses jumper ... ;)

Georgie said...

*rolls eyes* Un. Be. Leeeevable.

I'd definately be holding out on the next sweater. He needs to make up some serious ground there.

Susan said...

You are well within your rights to hold that against him for a long, long time. I imagine you're susceptible to bribery, though... a little new cashmerino might ease the sting? :)

Taphophile said...

I REALLY like the jumper in progress. If I promise not to lose it...? Huh?

Lisa said...

Yet another reason not to gift men and children with large knit items...I do think he owes you big and you are entitled to several months (if not years) of milking this one for all its worth.

Kathy said...

But at least that means he was weraring it. I know exactly where the sweater I made for Husband is. It's folded up in his dresser. That's where it's been since the day I finished it for him. I'm not sure which would be more annoying.

MadMad said...

Well... at least it gives you an excuse not to have to knit him anything ever again, right? I never really liked knitting for men. They're too darn big. And their arms are still not quite as long as they're supposed to be in the sweater. Plus they like boring colors and a lot of stockinette.

Nicole said...

That happened to my Mom too - stepdad left one behind in a stadium. Luckily, his friend's wife recognized that it was handknit, & she kept it until she could return it.

I hope yours comes back too. And I don't blame you :-)