Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Even Jane Ellison Agrees

Jane Ellison came to Ottawa on Sunday Oct. 14th and I was fortunate enough to meet her. I decided to throw caution to the wind (in the case of my budget) and buy some silk garden by Noro (shade 8). The Jane Ellison pattern I chose was one of her men's patterns as I wanted to to make a "boyfriend" type sweater. The sweater is big and loose and very comfy. Not to mention that I received many compliments on the finished product. Even Jane, after looking closely at my shoulders, praised my finishing abilities. (This is me doing the happy dance at a compliment from Jane.)BUT.... guess who the sweater fits perfectly and guess who has a birthday coming up very soon. You guessed it....The Sweater Boy. Hmmmm do I give him the sweater or not?????

Jane came to Wool N' Things that day. She gave a trunk show, there was a workshop on how to make the gloves from her latest book The Mirasol Collection with the free skeins of Hacho yarn everyone received, and we ate. Very friendly and down to earth woman...well after all... she is a knitter.

After telling her about the lost sweater incident, she agrees with every one else. DH shouldn't be getting this sweater. He doesn't deserve it!

Swap Pal...if you are reading this....look away.
With no up close photo, my pal can't see the detail so they look like basic stripes. ( a much better photo will follow). Jane totally understood the need for a sock photo for my blog and was willing to help out with sock mojo. She liked the socks! I am beginning to get star struck at this stage, especially when she asks for my blog address.

As soon as I find the needle nose pliers, I'll make the stitch markers and be ready to mail my package and send it off to my swap pal. This is just too fun.

I've been given another knitting commission and have to give a quote on another so I'd better get to work.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,

The Fibreholic


Lisa said...

That sweater and those socks are gorgeous! Lucky you to meet Jane Ellison and congrats on the great compliments - I wish I could have been there too although after I was so starstruck with the Yarn Harlot I'm afraid to venture out again. I need to either learn to keep my mouth shut, or make sure whatever I want to say actually makes sense before I open my trap.

Kathy said...

You just need to find a tiny little GPS transponder and sew it into one of the seams. That way if Sweater Boy loses it you can track it down yourself. If they can do it for teenagers and cars, by golly they can do it for sweaters!

Taphophile said...

Oh my goodness - how very exciting. I assume you're dancing on air just about now - I would be. Well done. :)

Jejune said...

Yay, congratulations, how exciting! I always say stupid things when confronted by a hero, it's like the brain just goes into meltdown #p

I'd keep the sweater for yourself, be a bit selfish for a change :)

Nancy said...

I agree, keep that sweater for yourself. You sound like you have
knitting needles permantly attached to your hands. I know I do.
I am now knitting a sweater partly with the leftover yarn from the one that was to be Eric's and is now Bill's. I have to go today to get a second color to finish it.
Happy Knitting,

Kristen said...

Very beautiful! I love it! The socks look perfect as well. You are oh, so talented.

MadMad said...

Macy's is having a sale - go buy him a sweater, and keep that beautiful one for yourself! (I'm so nice....)

Anonymous said...

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