Saturday, 20 October 2007

When it pours

I am in the unique position that occasionally people will hire me to knit something for them. I examine the pattern then quote them a price. While I know that I'll never get paid a fair wage for knitting, I try to come up with a price that I can live with. It's a learning process. There have been items I have knit that I would have to charge more for, if I knit them again. There have also been items that I was bang on with my quote.

I haven't had any commissions since last March. That was a lacy baby layette knit with 3 ply on 3 mm needles. It is now 2 1/2 months until Christmas and the requests are starting to pour in. (If I don't have needles permanently attached to my hands, they soon will be)

The first is a sweater from a Rowan book, Vintage Style. I am knitting the sweater in the same colour with the felted tweed. This is nice yarn!!!!!
Remember this sweater? It's the one that has been put on hold for Sweater Boy. It is the pattern chosen by a young man who really wants a Fisherman's sweater. He wants it in the best wool possible. Yah gotta love young single guys with money to burn. The third sweater is for a woman I've knit for before. I've left a message and am waiting to hear back from her. We'll probably play phone tag for a while.

The fourth sweater is for a woman that would like a cotton tank top. I was told by not to expect this commission as this lady is on the frugal side and not eager to spend the money.

So that's what I'm up to for the next little while.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Marie said...

Every fall and winter I make and sell pumpkin rolls. I moved to NM in April, so I had to build a new clientele. My husband distributed samples for me yesterday, and I already have ten orders! And my old clientele in FL is starting to panic, LOL.

Taphophile said...

Um. 3 jumpers and possibly a tank top in 2.5 months? Hope you weren't going to knit for yourself this Christmas! Good luck. :)

Nancy said...

I could never do knitting for sale, I have too many family members waiting in line. haha.
I do fisherman knit too and you have to charge for that, it is a lot of work and hours. that sweater is really pretty.

Kristen said...

Oh, you are oh so special! I am lucky to get all the projects for gifts and my own family done, let alone make some for others. Good for you! They are wonderful!