Saturday, 3 November 2007

It ain't pretty...but it works

I am failing miserably at this seven things challenge. On one hand I haven't had the opportunity to get rid of things but on the other hand, in the last two weeks, I've only purchased one thing.

I've been so busy knitting for other's crazy.
But one thing that I have done, for which I am quite pleased, is my shake it all about item.

Two pairs of men's jeans. One with the knees torn out so badly you wonder what is keeping the bottom half of the leg attached to the rest of the jeans. These were turned into cutoffs for next summer. The second pair, covered in paint, was worn in the crotch area and beginning to be obscene. So what do I do? Take a pant leg from one pair and cut it to size and a pocket from the other pair and turn it into a small project bag. Using bias tape and Velcro, I
had in my sewing stash, I came up with something quite usable.

And just look what's inside......

Yes, I've casted on another what's your point??? I know that I'm a weak woman. I just can't help myself.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Anonymous said...

Jeans are handy like that. When I'm ambitious I can make a denim poorboy cap and something from both back pocket. I know once it was for my calculator when they were big.

TinkingBell said...

Nice stash bag! and the bunnies just get cuter, don't they! We don't really 'Do' Halloween here - wish we did! It always seems such fun - I was in Hawaii once for Halloween and all the little ones were so cute!

Jejune said...

Like your jean pocket sock bag - great idea! And of COURSE you cast on more socks, you're a sensible person ;)

Kristen said...

Adorable and useful! You are so good at keeping your projects going! I don't know how you do so much! :)

Kathy said...

Weak schmeak. You're not truly a knitter if you don't have 17 UFOs floating around the house. And it's not just me saying that either, they proved it on Really.

Nancy said...

Hey, I like the bag. Good use of old jeans. You can never have too many knitting projects going.

MadMad said...

You so crafty!!! I am saving up all our old/outgrown/worn jeans to sew up as a picnic blanket, even though a) I can't sew and b) I'm not especially fond of picnicking or sitting on the ground. Logic escapes me, much of the time.

Nicole said...

Brilliant idea! I love the way it looks. Are so many FO's a bad thing? I have a real weakness for socks too :-)