Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Feeling Quilty about my Stash

I was reading Georgie's blog and she has adopted the No Guilt Stash Manifesto. All I can say is good for her!!!!! Go George!!! Go George!!! Go George!!!

I don't feel in the least bit guilty about my stash, in fact I relish in it. But as I have promised two baby quilts for a charity auction I am feeling in a quilty mood. I'm also feeling a wee bit pressured as the auction date has been moved up to this weekend and I still have one to do. I just hope that my kids weren't planning on any parental time with me this week (or laundry).

Because I like a challenge, (or the fact that I'm slightly insane) I make my quilts (in all sizes) double sided. For example these are both sides of the first quilt which is suitable for a girl. The next one will have a boy's theme and colours.

In response to some emails and comments:

DH is a fair weather BBQer. So any chance of him cooking on the grill in the winter will be impossible. I'd have a better chance of getting him to dust the top of the piano. As for me, it's an unwritten rule in the house about who rules the grill. I can handle it as it just means I plan for many BBQ meals in the Spring to Fall to get out of cooking supper.

The Challenge sweater was delivered last night. The client really liked it and it fit her perfectly.

Seven Things Update

I haven't forgotten or quit but I think that after the holidays, I'll be able to get back into the swing of things.

Last week
an extra water bottle for the bunnies (one just isn't enough for Isolde and the babies)

12 books (to be sent to soldiers in Afghanistan)
1 roll of door prize tickets (given to my DD cadet unit)

Until next time
Yours in Yarn
The Fibreholic


MadMad said...

Feeling "quilty"! Love it! Also the quilt itself - beautiful! I can't believe you do both sides!

Georgie said...

Wow, you do lovely work there FFF. I love the *idea* of quilting, but have a really bad eye for colour, sadly!

Kristen said...

How wonderful that you make them double sided! You have so many projects going! Glad to hear the sweater was succesfully delivered and enjoyed! There will be no BBQ'ing here either. Brrrrr......

Nancy said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Heidi really keeps a quilt stash going. I don't quilt and dooooo noooot need another project. I have too much going on as it is. Glad the sweater was a fit.

TinkingBell said...

So pretty - you're so clever - I have never tried quilting - too scared I'll have yet another obsession - which I need like a hole in the head - but I envy those who are great at it - just lovely!