Monday, 7 April 2008

Pierogi, perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, or pirogi

What ever you call them, these little things are tasty and my family just loves to scarf them down. Wiki has a page on Pierogis so you can read all about this Eastern European dumpling here. I had posted a picture, a while back, of a giant, perogy statue and was asked "What is it?". Last night DH and I made them so I hope this explains everything.

Potatoes are boiled then mashed. Last night we added cheddar, onions and garlic to the potatoes. While there is no end to how to fill a perogy, we tend to stick to four different kinds, a potato base with cheddar and blue cheese or with bacon and cheddar or filled with only sauerkraut.

Dough is put through my automated pasta machine......OOPS... I mean my lovely assistant generously gives up his time and muscle to make sure the dough is perfect. Translation, if he wants me to help, he cranks the pasta machine.

Strips of dough are laid out on my press and are filled. I use a piping bag as it saves time. A second layer is then placed on top.

Here is my lovely assistant again, rolling on the press. This seals the two layers together and cuts out the individual perogies. This is actually my job. Honestly, I don't make him do everything.

The finished perogies are put on a large cookie sheet and frozen. They are later bagged for future suppers.

To cook them, the perogies are put in almost boiling water until they float. We then fry them with garlic and onions and serve them up with sour cream. But that is just a personal preference. In case you are wondering, we made 15 dozen last night.

On the subject of the $2/ball sale. Cassidy's is a clothing store (2 locations) in Canberra with a very nice wool department. I couldn't tell you when they hold this sale...sorry. If they had such a sale while I was visiting....I don't even want to think about the damage I would have done to my Visa.

Hope this clears everything up.
Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

You are very lucky to have that wonderful assistant. He should have taken your picture too. I have eaten the p.'s once, I can't spell it. They are very good.
I bet they are good fried.

Heidi said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog and wishing DH and I a happy anniversary. Your DH is one great assistant and I really think I am coming to dinner. :)

Hugs ~

MadMad said...

Oh, I LOVE pierogi! You are awesome to make them yourself... I'm too lazy, and just rely on the kindness of strangers, or my college roommate's mom... but that's been a while, now...

Bells said...

Yummy!!! The sour cream and garlic and onions sounds just perfect!

The person who wanted to know when the Cassidy's sales are on might do well, if she's on Ravelry, to join the Canberra Crew group. We shout it from the rooftops there!

Susan said...

OMG, home-made piroshky! You have so much more patience than I. I totally intend to try that one day.

Anonymous said...

Piroggi are my favorite. My nana is Polish and makes them all by hand - no fancy gadgets for her - it's been so long since I have had any... mmmmmm memories, i still remember the smell of them cooking the taste and occasionally the leftovers in the fridge the next day... (NOT OFTEN)
I would try to make them myself but trying to get the recipe out of an oldie is nearly impossible.

TinkingBell said...

I want pirogi - yum yum yum!

they look great (and I wish I'd sent my lovely enabler - sorry assistants - to buy more at the Cassidy's sale!)