Saturday, 26 April 2008

One Year Ago Today......

......I started an adventure.

I just couldn't let this day go by without writing something about it.

I said goodbye to my kids as I put them on the school bus. I had my dad drive me to the airport and there I waited in the first of many queues.

I was in the air for about 23 hours, but it was worth every single minute. At the end of my trip I landed in a place that felt like home.

I miss everything about the place. I miss the accents, I miss being the one with a foreign accent. I miss the new foods I got to try. I miss getting pronunciation lessons from the guy at the front desk. I miss figuring out the bus schedules and just jumping on a bus to see what is at the end of the line. I miss the freedom of being able to explore a new place on my own, without having to worry about someone else's time table.

Maybe I just miss being on vacation.

I miss the atmosphere of the city. I miss the museums and galleries that I got to visit and I really miss all the ones I didn't. I miss all the one-on-one time I got to spend with DH. I miss all the artwork throughout the city. I miss the great prices on the locally made wool. I miss all the friendly people I met. I miss the local lingo and being confused as to what people were talking about. I miss seeing the sights of the local wildlife. I miss all the new experiences I encountered.

But most of all, I miss the friends I made.

Would I go to OZ a heartbeat!

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Bells said...

So glad you had such a good time here. What a great review you give of our home!

Kathy said...

Australia is on my list of places I would love to visit before I die. Unfortunately Husband doesn't really see the point of traveling anywhere that there's no family to visit. Someday I'll find an excuse and a willing travel partner and go.

Nancy said...

I would never attempt that trip because of the time in the air. I would be so stiff I couldn't walk again. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. You should try an
Alaskan cruise someday. That's a trip I want to repeat.

TinkingBell said...

We miss you too - and we'd love you to come back - how nice you make us all sound!

What a great happy parcel - knitters just have the best timing!

MadMad said...

Oh, I can't wait to go - it sounds perfect! And what a great tribute!