Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Ain't She Sweet

This was my Easter gift to myself. (Somebody forgot to get me chocolate...Ahem...no names but I do refer to him using initials.) Her name is Bluebelle and she is just the cutest thing. DH is just smitten with her. I have to laugh when I see him playing with her, he was so stand offish when I got my first bunny. Just in case any of you were counting, this brings the count to three as I have sold all the babies from my first litter.

For those of you not in the know. Her colour is classified as blue and her fur colour will not change or lighten up. Turns out that the breeder who sold me this bunny was in need of a torte male. And the last bunny left from my litter was exactly what she needed, so no money exchanged hands, just bunnies. Funny how life works out.

Tonight I write my final exam. I will then be qualified to do nothing except give anyone who cares to listen a list of the places in/reasons to visit Asia and Oceania. Since tourism is so subjective, giving the $2/ball sale at Cassidy's as a reson to visit Canberra would be a correct answer.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

This doesn't look like a real bunny. Are you sure it is? It is so cute. Wow.
Great your final exam is finished.

MadMad said...

You're so funny! That WOULD definitely be a good enough reason for me! And what a cute widdle bunny! Congrats on your new addition!

Kathy said...

Awww. I wish I had a bunny. But Beagle has a less than stellar record with little bunnies in the wild (ie backyard) so it's probably best we not do bunnies. She is darned cute though. Is she allowed to visit with Tristan unchaperoned?

Susan said...

Good luck on your exam! I envy your new career! :)

Kathy said...

P.S. Your inbox might be full. I tried to send you something and it came back saying Disc quota exceeded.

Georgie said...

Awww, sweet indeed.

Good luck with your exam! Yes, the $2 sale is a very good reason - in the same way Im trying to convince Beloved that a world tour based on yarn stores and production facilities is entirely legit!

Kristen said...

That bunny is soooo cute that it doesn't even look real! How precious! Somebody's in trouble, ehhh? No chocolate on Easter????? :)

TinkingBell said...

I want the bunny!!!! (actually I want the bunny and its fur) but it's soooooo cewt!!!!!

Hope you're feeling a million percent better. As an ex-travel agent, that is a wonderful answer, as is - yes, Mongolia to wallow in cashmere, and Alaska for the purposes of kidnapping a quiviut producing muskox!

Anonymous said...

A quick question please.
What is Cassidy's in Canberra?
We are going to Canberra on holidays this year and as soon as I read $2 a ball I thought YIPPEEE!!! something for me on this trip.
Thanks porsha
BTW I love the bunny... but my dog would like it even better :(

Rebecca Talley said...

Beautiful bunny.

We tried to raise rabbits but my son is severely allergic to rabbits.

I also love to knit, but rarely have the time.