Friday, 24 August 2007

Sept. 24

I live in the country....there I said it. It's quiet and not a lot happens except for vast amounts of knitting. So life isn't all that bad.

What I mean to say is that I'll never have amusing stories of wacky people I've met on the bus or subways. I live far out enough that I even have to drive to the nearest village. The nearest city is 40 minutes away but it doesn't have a wool shop. In the other direction for 50 minutes is Ottawa and it does have all a crafter could want. All my wacky people stories (other than those of my own family) will have to come from there.

So why do we live out here????? DH is part hermit and couldn't stand the thought of living in the burbs with neighbours close enough to hear you sneeze if your windows were open. The skies are dark, unlike the city, which make perfect stargazing opportunities for DH who is an amateur astronomer. So here we are......and this is what I see from my front deck. This year my neighbour is growing canola, next year who knows??? But so far nothing as exciting as pot plants between rows of corn. This guy owns the land on the other side of the road and lives north of us. You've already seen my neighbour's pig. They live just next door and own the property on the other side of our back fence. They have a son the same age as my DS. Since the boys treat the properties like one big back yard it stands to reason that some of her animals would as well.
Now you'll notice that not one of these chicks looks like mom. (DD apparently looks a bit like me though). One of my leghorns has gone free roaming (DH like to remind me that the word is feral and not fair isle). So I suspect that the brown chicken was forced to brood a few of my white chicken's egg. While the horse has never been in my back yard, Ruby will eagerly come to the back fence looking for a treat. Ruby is 9 and her son Blaine is 3 (not in the pix obviously). There is a plan to eventually ride them ......we'll wait and see.

I did go into Ottawa not long ago for a chance to do some shopping. At one stop I went to unlock my van and get back in. When I slid back the side door I did a double take. This wasn't my van, same make, model and colour but I don't have a baby seat and my van has only been that clean twice in the time I've owned it. I figured that the owners must have left it unlocked. I close the door, put my key in the lock and sure enough, my key locked and unlocked their doors. I wait around for a bit hoping the owners will show up so that I may inform them of my discovery...that and I'm dying to know if my key will fit in their ignition. Wait wait wait wait....forget it....but if I had found out who they were, at least I'd know who to call if ever I locked myself out of my van.

On that same trip, on the way home, I see some guy carrying a handmade sign. All I can read, as I drive by, is Sept. 24. So I guess that it is a case of we'll wait and see what that day brings. I hope it's a sale on some fabulous sock yarn.

Until next time,
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


TinkingBell said...

We live in the country too - 500m outside the nearest small town - 15 minutes drive to the nearest small city (27000 people) and an hour to our northern Capital Launceston - we have 7 acres but I still don't get enough time to knit!!
How do you do it! (love your place - if we get to Canada to visit relatives and get over your side expect and Australian sounding knock at the door!

Georgie said...

I grew up in the country and we daydream about having a few hectares of our own again someday, so Im very envious and wistful!

I've got Sept 24 marked in my dairy - lets wait and see!

MadMad said...

It sounds like heaven! Some people dream of the beach... I always wanted a farm (without any actual livestock poop to contend with, of course); just green stuff and hills to look at, and a deck on which to look at it while I knit...

Grit Knitter said...

My husband and I too, used to live in the country in a quaint little village called, Constance Bay... being from the NCR, I'm sure you've heard of it... 40 mins NW of Ottawa - absolutely quiet, peaceful and beautiful. Now, we live in the photocopy called Stittsville. Ahhhh... we miss the country so bad. You are so lucky.

Nat said...

I live out in the country, too! Isn't it wonderful? The night sky. The birds. The frogs. The raccoons (!)

My dad once got in a car that looked just like his and started to drive away, only to realize there was no 8 track player. Yes, it was a LONG time ago. I didn't think that could still happened.

BTW, I found your blog off of Lisa's (stitch-dom).

Nat (or Tracey) :D