Saturday, 11 August 2007

Sun, Sand and Surf

What a day we had. First thing in the am DH loaded up the cooler with enough sandwiches to feed an he thought we would eat all those is beyond me. I'm glad that I forgot the can opener so I wasn't tempted to make the 5 cup salad on the spot.

On the road to Sandbanks Provincial Park. With a little rearranging of seating assignments things went a little more smoothly. Putting the younger two behind the teen in the van eliminated many problems.....for the most of the trip.

Then came the last mile (or several miles....sorry I should say kilometers). I should start off by saying....young teens are weird. I should know....I was a young teen once and I was weird. During the last little bit of the trip.....she decided to get VERY weird. But on the good side she wasn't fighting with the 8 and 6 year old.

So planning to spend the day in the sun you would think that sunscreen would have been on the shopping list. No. Not to worry we'll just stop along the way. In order to get to the park you must drive through the town of Picton. That's okay we'll stop here for sunscreen. DH is doing his best not to hit the tourists/lemmings crossing the street. We arrive at the guessed it...without sunscreen.

Teenage DD: If we die of skin cancer, it will be both your fault. It will be more Dad's fault than Mom's though.

I'm feeling that somehow I should take comfort in this. DH and I are saved as there is a grocery store in the park selling overpriced sunscreen.

We found a spot in the shade where I could sit in my chair and knit. Normally, at home, I would be disturbed several times. But the kids spent most of the time in the water and couldn't care less that I was enjoying myself thus feeling the need to ruin my fun. I did go in the water once but having to walk a mile to get deep enough to swim, isn't my idea of fun. (okay so I didn't have to walk a mile...but you get the idea)....Even the sock had fun. (I took this while the teen was in the water to avoid any emotional scaring.)
A wonderful day was had by all. That is until the teen took a shower before bed to get the sand out of her hair. She came downstairs.....
DD: AHHHHHH! Look at how red I am. I'm burnt all over.
ME: Did put on any sunscreen?
DD: No.....
ME: Well then......

Now I know that you are asking yourself....Isn't she the one who was going to blame her parents for skin cancer....Yup...that's her!

So until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


MadMad said...

What I like best is that even as a teen DD knows it will be more Dad's fault than Mum's. It always is, you know.

Georgie said...

LOL at your sunburnt teen (well, I shouldnt, but you know)! Love the logic of it being more Dad's fault, you just gotta laugh. Looks like a lovely spot - thanks for the reminder that summer does come around again, and it will be warm again, one day, even if I am freezing my behind off down here! How many of those sandwiches did you get through?

TinkingBell said...

What a fun day! Look forward to summer - after all - here in Tuscany Tasmania we don't even get winter snow as a consolation prize - though its pretty nice today! Frost is not the same though!

solsticedreamer said...

my first visit to your blog via Bust...attracted by the knitting!...I love that you have your knitting in all your photos!

Cassandra Dolohov said...

Looks like a really nice spot for knitting. Makes me miss the beaches of Michigan.