Sunday, 26 August 2007

Seven More Sleeps

AHHHH I can see light at the end of the tunnel. My vacation will start as soon as the yellow monster comes to swallow my kids and take them away. My first day of freedom will be planned down to the very last second. I'll do all kinds of fun things......go shopping......go to a movie....start some fabulous and intricate knitting project????? Maybe I'll just go back to bed and sleep the morning away.

It's not that my kids are too much of a handful. There are no diapers, there is no getting up in the middle of the night (other than the occasional sleep walking episode of DS when his bladder is full....but he has the courtesy to only have these episodes before 11 pm.), they are starting to make simple meals themselves for breakfast and lunch and can generally entertain themselves. But heaven help me..... the whining, complaining and fighting are enough to drive anyone over the edge.

Personally, I think the only way to keep your sanity in tact, when you have older children is to let them know you have ways to embarrass them. Does wanting and looking for ways to get even with my kids make me a bad mother? Probably, but I'm not giving up the video of my oldest making fart bubbles, in the tub, when she was little. You just never know when you need that kind of ammo.

When I'm not thinking evil thoughts and planning revenge on my offspring, I look for other ways to relieve stress. Introducing the not so well thought out sweater.

This photo is looking a little orange. The yarn is a lot more red with flecks of other colours that change throughout. So the darker section you see is not my camera or lighting...etc (my regular excuses), but a section in the yarn where the flecks tend to be on the blue side. What I did with this sweater was cast on the number of stitches the pattern called for then put the pattern aside . This is a lace stitch that has some potential as it is starting to be dual purpose with the texture it's creating. When I get more of it done, I'll show you what the lace will look like when blocked.

But for now, I'll knit up to the armpit in pattern then decide what to do. Not sure what type of sleeve to do, but I have time to decide. After armhole shaping then I'll think about a neckline. No need to make all these decisions all at once.

In the meantime, I've got a pair of trigger mitts to knit. The guy at the feed store saw me knitting while he loaded up our van.

Feed Store Guy: Should I congratulate you? (I was knitting on a baby project commission)

DH: No, she is working on a commission for someone. She's a professional knitter.

So feed store guy proceeds to tell me that he needs wool mittens for inserts to his leather hunting mitts. His MIL used to make them but as she is no longer with us, he needs to find someone who knits.

Now I should tell you that I HATE to knit mittens. My kids wear mittens that my SIL's mother knit for her grand kids. So I figure that if I ask a ridiculous price for a pair of mitts then I'll get out of it. No...he doesn't blink and eye and agrees. This was last I figure that maybe he'll forget about it over the summer. The last time I went to pick up chicken feed...

Feed Store Guy: I'm going to need my mittens soon. (Fall is right around the corner in my neck of the woods)

I'm sunk......can't get out of it now as I agreed to make them last Spring. Better get to work on them as procrastination will only make this project more detestable.

Until next time

Yours in Yarn

The Fibreholic


Kathy said...

I enjoy the "Not So Well Thought Out" projects. They are great for testing my creativity and mathematical prowess. They're frequently also good for testing my frogging abilities.

"The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, and the second half by our children." Clarence Darrow

MadMad said...

OMG, OMG, OMG, I was going to just say Amen, sister to the first half of your post, since that rang very, very true for me, too, but then I saw the second half and was floored: YOU KNIT FOR A LIVING? REALLY? WOW!!!! That is the BEST. So you live in this awesome rural place and KNIT FOR A LIVING? Can I be you? (Well. Maybe I'd have to make gauge first. But after that?)

solsticedreamer said...

go back to bed and sleep~when you have mittens to knit??!!!! ;)

Think I wold go back to bed!

TinkingBell said...

Love the jumper -I love mittens - have a great pattern that is exactly the same for every size from infants to huge men - everything except the yarn thickness and needles size - same number of stitches, same decrease, same number of rows - absolutely magic - love knitting it - 4 hours = 2 mittens! (small projects are like instant gratification especially after acres of rib!)

Taphophile said...

I like the idea of an impromputu garment and look forward to its progress.

Good luck with the mitts.