Thursday, 20 September 2007

When life gives you spare time

In between the laundry, dirty dishes, the vacuuming, trying to get kids to do homework, scrubbing toilets, pickling beets, making supper, getting the kids to the bus on time...I get to knit.....

It's not like I don't enjoy hanging out with my kids, it's know. I recently told DH that there is no way I'd be able to home school. He agreed and said that he wouldn't be able to either. He'd come home at the end of the day and I'd call out..."I've strangled another one!"

I have a friend who tells people that knitting has saved her husband's life. At first they think that her knitting provides income for life saving medication or equipment. In reality, she will say, that if she didn't knit...she'd kill him.

So in the calmness of yesterday, during my spare time, I started on my Jane Ellison sweater. I've only slightly changed the pattern. The sleeves were going to be too loose for my taste so I knocked off a few stitches.
I've worked on it a bit more since I took the photo....I am so going to like this sweater.

My own Jejune Day

It was more like a mini Jejune Day since my life isn't so stressful to deserve the full Jejune treatment. I went into Ottawa first thing in the morning and my first stop was The Canadian Bead Supply store. Here I got the findings I needed to make the stitch markers for my swap. I found some really nice beads at Michael's in the Ravenclaw book colours. I was pleased with that find. Since the beading store is right around the corner from a wool shop, I just had to go in and look around. I found a gorgeous Cleckheaton pattern in the discount bin for 99 cents. In some strange way, I wanted to have a Cleckheaton patron for the Cleckheaton wool I bought in Aus. Just doesn't seem right otherwise.

It was then on to Cotton Ginny's where I bought two tops for work. A tank top to go under a lacy Debbie Bliss design that I made for her visit last year, and a plain green shirt to go with my under used green pants.

I think that I've mentioned before about me and movies. While I would like to be noble and say that I pick Tuesdays, to have fun, to honour Jejune but that wouldn't quite be accurate. On Tuesdays I can see a movie for $8.95 and that includes a reg. pop and popcorn. Jejune, I honour you with my frugalness (which spell check tells me is not a word, but you get my meaning). I saw 3:10 to Yuma and I give it two thumbs WAY UP. Not only did it star Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, the story and charactor development was engaging. Definitely not a fluff piece nor was it a typical western movie. DH seem slightly dissapointed that it without him. Not to worry, said I, as I would gladly see it again.

I have discovered that I can knit a simple lace pattern at the movies. Surprised myself actually. That particular piece is still a WIP just like most of my knitting. Sigh.

Happy Belated Birthday Denise, I hope you had fun!

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


TinkingBell said...

What a nice day - I knit and drink wine so I don't kill anyone - worked so far!

MadMad said...

Ha! I was laughing so hard at the "it's just... you know" part, that I may have misunderstood all the rest. Well really, misunderstood might be the wrong word. Really I was just so jealous of all that fun that I have sort of blocked it out of my head. (But I'm glad you had a Jejune Day of sorts. I like that new word. And also, desperately want one!)

Taphophile said...

So glad you got some time to yourself. You certainly packed a lot in! :)

Love the colours in that Noro for the Fiona Ellison jumper. Divine.