Thursday, 27 September 2007

Slow Down

Now these are two words that no one will ever say to me while I knit. The will and desire are there, but that is where it stops. I've got everything on the list that one needs to become a fast knitter.
Wooden Needles.
Bamboo Needles.
Turbo Needles.
Really Nice Yarn.
Comfy Knitting Chair.
Uninterrupted Knitting Time.
The ability to Knit without looking at my work.

Now I've had people tell me that I knit quickly, but they've all been under the age of 12. So in my mind, it doesn't count. You may say that I'll never be able to knit as quickly as I want because, let's face it, I am human, after all. You would be quite right to say this. But I think that because I put myself into the slow knitters category, it is the reason for so many UFOs.

Here I am, knitting away on a gorgeous sweater. But wait....this is taking FOREVER to finish. I am so slow, I'll never get it done. Better start a new project. So here it I a slow knitter or am I fickle and easily get bored? Hmmmmmm good question.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the
Yarn Harlot said, in a recent interview, that knitting should come from yo
ur entertainment budget and not the clothing budget. If this be the case, I really get a bang for my buck with yarn.

I know what you are thinking.....It is the journey and not the destination. While this may be true, I am being kept awake at night by the scary screaming of current UFOs. I won't even get into telling you about the voices in my head from the UFOs that were discarded long ago.

(With humble apologies to Simon&Garfunkel)
Slow down, you knit too fast, you've got to make the sweater last
Just knittin' down the raglan sleeves, lookin' for an end and feelin' woolly

Feeling woolly

Hello knitter, what's cha knowing, I've come to watch your sweater growin'
Ain't cha got no FOs for me, do-it-do-do, feelin' woolly

Feeling woolly

I've got no end in sight, no deadlines to keep
I'm tired and frustrated and ready to weep
And now this #$%^$##$ needle has dropped all its stitches on me

Yarn I love you, all is woolly.
Yes, this is me, going mental on you all.

But from the happy, feel good file, I am making progress on my Jane Ellison sweater. AND I've even finished something recently (you'll never guess what) but like the idiot I am, I bought it to work and left it there, without photographing it first. Never mind that, here's the sweater.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Anonymous said...

I love the colours of your growin' sweater.

Taphophile said...

LOL! It's the speed of my knitting that gives me UFOs, not my inherently unfaithful nature; thanks for letting me know. :)

The Noro is gorgeous - looking forward to the finished jumper ... sometime. ;)

TinkingBell said...

Beeeeautiful! And I feel the same - I want to knit fast because I want it finished NOW - so I can wear it and feel fabulous!!!!

MadMad said...

Now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all day. But you are funny, woman, so it was worth it! I love that hat down there (I had some catching up to do, now that I wrested back my computer!) so you should figure out the pattern for us!

Leslie said...

Yep, I'm not a speed knitter either and I still have to look at my needles when I knit. Loved, loved, loved the song! (Even though I'll be singing it all the live-long day now) Thanks for the laugh!

Georgie said...

LOL! And so glad to know its because I knit too slow and not because I am fickle, impatient, easily distracted, with a short attention span and just too unorganised to get more done. Feel better now.