Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Stop all WIPs, Jane Ellison is coming to town

All of my WIPs have been put on hold. This is not exactly something new . Thanks to falling in love with a new project and a bad case of startitis, this has happened before. This time I have a valid reason for not finishing what I have on the go. Jane Ellison is coming to Ottawa, so I have to make one of her designs.(It would be rude not to...that is what I keep telling myself). While she does a lot of design work with Noro Yarns, she is coming to promote the Mirasol project.

Jane has written a book with designs using all four yarns, all spun in Peru, that were developed for this project.
"The Mirasol Project is named after a young Quechua girl who, with her brother, tends 350 alpacas. Its aim is to fight poverty and encourage community development. As well as providing accommodation, meals and health-care, the boarding-house will be a centre where the children can develop personal, occupational and communication skills and study techniques in specialised after-school workshops."
I think that my swap socks will get some MAJOR mojo when being photographed with a famous designer.

Any one up for Killer Karaoke?

Saturday I went to a birthday party for a co-worker of DH. It was held at a pub three minutes from her
place so she could walk home after consuming large quantities of alcohol. (Her words not mine.) Sigh.....there's something about attending parties where you don't know anyone......although there were highlights of the evening.

One woman talked about a friend having a delayed honeymoon. I mentioned that after 18 years, I'm still waiting for one, although my trip to Australia came close. Another told us about the etiquette course she took and we joked about the proper way to pass ketchup and eat fries (chips). This all brings us to something another party attendee said......are your ready for this????

TINA: I had an Australian boyfriend who
told me once, when we were out to dinner, that he could teach me to eat properly, if I wanted.

You should have heard the gasps of horror from the woman at the table.

TINA: He quickly went to the EX category.

Another asked if I worked at Foreign Affairs as well (this is where DH works). I simply replied "No". If I had been Mad Mad, I would have replied " I am a conflict resolution negotiator specializing in crisis situations"

The booze and beer flowed freely and soon the karaoke started. This is the birthday girl, Carole and friend Steve. They are singing "Islands in the stream" by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Like I said, the booze and beer flowed freely.
Here are a few of the people who came to help celebrate the occasion. DH is the guy in blue.Until next time (as our waitress said)
"Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff....unless it's your own"

Yours in Yarn
The Fibreholic


MadMad said...

Dear Conflict Resolution Negotiator Specializing in Crisis Situations: Lookie! I'm in your blog! There I was, just reading along and voila - there I am! What a fun surprise! But what I was actually going to discuss was the Mirasol thing. Did you know I grew up in Peru? Mirasol means sunflower - Well, it IS a sunflower, it means look at the sun, because that's what sunflowers do: follow the sun. Isn't it a pretty name? What a great project, too. (Both projects, knitting and Mirasol.) Anyway, happy knitting - I definitely think you have a good excuse for abandoning other WIPs.

Lisa said...

Sigh...Mirasol wool - I was seduced by some Llama last week. Two minutes later I owned four skeins and have serious startitis. There is a scarf pattern in her book I'm pretty sure I have the stitch pattern for (seeing as how I am too cheap/broke to buy the book). The only issue I had was with colours - there was nothing that seemed appropriate for my father - so I'm going to dye it myself.

The party looks like fun - but I agree that drunken parties with people you don't know does make you want to make up an alterego for yourself!

Kathy said...

I just went to a party with Husband this past weekend where I didn't know anyone. Apparently we didn't consume enough alcohol 'cause it was less than fun. I'm glad yours turned out better!

Georgie said...

That last comment made me snort out loud - much to the surprise of my co-wokers! Im gonna use that one!

So how do Canadians eat if its not "properly"? Through their noses or what?

TinkingBell said...

So do Canadians eat through their ears? Glad he was dumped - sounds like a fun party!!!

Jejune said...

Ugh, drunken parties where you don't know anyone. You were brave to attend!

I have to laugh about the delayed honeymoon - we haven't had one either, and we're coming up for our 23rd anniversary next year! Hubby's plan is for us to go away for a luxury week at Port Douglas, Queensland for our 25th anniversary - the kids will have probably left home by then! LOL.

Enjoy Jane Ellison's visit!