Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Response from the TSA

Here's what the TSA had to say......

Dear Fibreholic

The Travelling Sock Association is a regulatory body set up to govern the rules and regulations regarding travelling socks.The TSA was formed in order that all travelling socks would have equal opportunities to acquire the greatest possible amounts of knitting mojo.

A travelling sock requires many experiences and a great deal of exposure amongst a wide variety of knitters and "others". Pictures must be taken. They can be taken against the backdrop of beautiful scenery, historical places or unusual or seemingly useless/tasteless monuments that a city has decided to waste money on to amuse tourists. More importantly, pictures of the sock must be taken with "people of note".

The use of the term "people of note" has caused some confusion as of late. We view the term, people of note as a general term. It can include any of the following but not limited to:
  • fellow knitters
  • local celebrities
  • those rendering aid to get you to a knitting event
  • those rendering aid for a yarn crawl or simply accompanying you on the crawl
  • those acting as a tour guide during your travels
  • the recipient of the socks
  • someone with so much joie de vivre that the sock is naturally drawn to him or her

A blog is the most logical place to display these photos as they allow for the greatest exposure. A blog is easily set up and this should done before you depart on your travels. Because of the accessibility of blogs, not having one is not an excuse.

Knitting the sock in public is also a top priority. Places we suggest are on any form of public transportation, places where people gather or more importantly in the company of other knitters. If the knitters gather in a public place even more mojo is gathered.

As to what sock yarn to use on your journey, it matters not. All sock yarn is equal in our eyes, for it is the journey and the amount of mojo that is important. Choose a good quality yarn that speaks to you and you absolutely can't leave home without.

Stripes and Variegated spoke very highly of you and were delighted to both be chosen for your trip to Australia. They knew how excited you were about the trip.They wrote about their travels and experiences and we are satisfied with the results so far. It is unusual for two socks to be taken on a journey but it is not unheard of. Just to let you know, any mojo picked up by the second sock will be spread over both sock and vice versa.This way if the first sock is lacking mojo, then it can be made up. Because of the high recommendation, given to us by Stripes and Variegated we are confident that sufficient mojo will be acquired for both pairs of socks.

But please remember, because of the lack of pictures taken with the first socks, we will be watching you!

Yours in Yarn,

Miss Y.O. Purl

Mojo Acquisition

Travelling Sock Association

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Taphophile said...

What a cack! The TSA seems like a very reasonable body; I look forward to its further communications. :)