Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A Letter from my Socks

This note was left in my knitting bag along with this photo.
Dear Janet
This letter is to inform you of our intention to lodge a formal complaint against you with the Traveling Sock Association. The TSA will inform you, in writing, of mojo requirements and how best to achieve them. We should also warn you that not having a blog at the time does not excuse the sock maker from his or her responsibilities.
We would, however, like to thank you for the experiences and limited mojo we picked up during your trip to Australia. Stripes enjoyed the very short stint in Hawaii, the many trips on the Action bus system and visiting the Canberra SnB session. Variegated enjoyed going to the movies and was especially pleased with the road trip in NSW. The plane trip was rather long but we do appreciate you spending equal time with us.
Please do not be upset with us for lodging this complaint against you.It is your first offense and the TSA will be understanding and lenient. The fact that you casted on Stripes's second immediately after finishing the first is greatly in your favour. Please do not worry!
Yours in Yarn,
Stripes and Variegated


Taphophile said...

Wow, those are pushy socks! I'm sure it's just a misdemeanour. Punishment may involve small amounts of novelty yarn, though, so prepare yourself. ;D

Lovin' the blog.

Jejune said...

So, are you going to take that lying down? I think some being pushed into a small ball at the bottom of the knitting basket could be in order for these two... ;)

Was so lovely to meet you, and thank you again for my lovely Koigu and (shhhh secret) maple sugar candies which were DIVINE. I even shared a little bit (well, half of one) with my hubby. But the kids never knew!

Georgie said...

Im surprised the socks werent more upset at being in your suitcase in the hold with all those *sniff*
manufactured garments...or is it just Australia's flagship airline that bans knitting needles in the cabin? Grrrr.

Really glad you enjoyed your trip to Aus so much. Thanks for the cable lessons - my first cable beanie came up a treat!