Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Adventure Continues.....

Now where was I????

Oh Yeah...In Sydney.....the land of line ups.

Line up at customs, line up at quarantine, line up at the Quantas desk to get booked onto my local flight, line up to go through security, line up to to get on the bus to take me to the other terminal......then run to just make my flight.

I've been told that on Aussie domestic flights, knitting is a big no-no and they confiscate needles. Perhaps it was because I knit my sock on toothpicks (not literally) that they didn't say anything. Perhaps is was because I looked like some wacked out foreigner in need of many hours of solid sleep who was likely to go postal if her knitting needles were taken away.

This is how Wacky I really am.....

DH was attending a conference (which is why I'm there). Let's face it, there is a simplistic beauty in DH working and me being on vacation. Okay, back on track. A tour of a couple of vineyards/wineries was arranged and besides doing my best to avoid stepping in Kangaroo poop, this is what I take a picture of......

I'll go into my thing about chickens in more detail at a later date.......

Retail Therapy

So here I am....left to my own do I start of my vacation? SHOPPING!!!!!! I've decided to break up the sightseeing with shopping trips. There is a pedestrian mall around the corner from me with a regular mall the next street over...I wasn't lacking for places that would take my money.

Prior to going to AUS, I checked out the Action bus system web site and got an idea of how to get to the really important places. You'll see pictures of that later.... (insert Sheepish Grin here). I also connected with the Canberra SnB while I was there. Two of the members, Karen and Camille took me on a yarn crawl throughout Canberra. They took me up to Red Hill lookout where I got to see this amazing view and have a wonderful chocolate drink.

In May, Ottawa is home to an abundance of colour from the massive beds of tulips that are planted every Fall. We celebrate this explosion on colour with the Tulip Festival. I missed it this year, but walking through Commonwealth Park I found a landscape company planting tulip bulbs for next Spring's Floriade. That really stood out for me as an indicator of how our seasons are shifted apart by 6 months.

I'd better go...things to do, places to go, people to see, yarn to knit....while I wait for my letter fromthe TSA.

The weather dudes say that it is going to be 33 degrees today, fortunately there is no humidity yet otherwise it would be UNBEARBLE!!!!!!!

Yours in Yarn

The Fibreholic

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