Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pure Pleasure

While I am a little late in reporting this, I can't go without giving you the rundown of a most fabulous weekend.

The weekend started with DH driving me to Ogdensburg, NY. He had his misgivings about leaving a car in the parking lot at Wal-Mart for a whole weekend. I understand this, but it did make things a little complicated, at the border, when he went into a long tirade explaining the situation, to the customs guy. Sure enough, Customs Guy needed to be enlightened about all things woolly happening in his own state.

Me: I'm going to Rhinebeck.
CG: blank stare
Me: The Duchess County Wool and Sheep Festival
CG: Where's that?
Me: Across the river from Kingston
CG: Are you here to catch the bus at the Wal-Mart parking lot?

It turns out that a carload of Canuck ladies went through before me and had explained the situation to another CG who then passed on his little understanding of this weekend.

In his own humorous way, as I got on the bus, DH told me not to socialize too much. Funny man! He knew exactly what would happen. A bus full of ladies (and one token husband) tends to socialize...a lot. Some of us had never been to Rhinebeck and we were eager with anticipation. Others were returnees and were excited because they knew what was in store for them. In my own little corner the conversation went from husbands to work, kids, quilting and pole dancing. You can't say the the topics of conversation on a bus trip aren't varied and interesting. LOL

As mentioned before, the phone in my room did not work so I couldn't get a hold of Mad Mad. Bummer!!! But hopefully I would be able to run into her at the Ravelry meet up on the Fair Grounds.

At the meet up I circled the group, desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of Mad Mad. No!!! I can't see her anywhere. I can't identify her from the vast crown of ravelers gathered. I was ready to yell, at the top of my lungs "Hey Mad Mad" because I'm not above embarrassing myself in public. But then I was distracted by a couple of ladies who came up to me and went gaga over the Noro sweater I was wearing. While it might be a little vain, I think that at one point I did start strutting around because of the many compliments I received about that sweater.

But wait....I have her cell number. I raced to the pay phones only to discover they didn't accept coins for long distant calls. I tried to get the call billed to my home phone but when DH answered he didn't hear the recording of my name so all I heard him say was "sorry I need some confirmation". Despite me yelling into the phone "Just say yes" (although I suspect he couldn't hear me at all) he hung up. So I called collect and told DH to call Mad Mad to tell her to meet me at the First Aid station. At that time I didn't realize there were more than one First Aid station. Confused yet? You should have been one of the ladies in the line up to the washroom housed next to the phones listening to my conversations. I am, if nothing else, amusing to total strangers.

I think that a trip to Boston (I think she lives somewhere around there) is in order. If I'm ever going to meet this elusive blogger.

Pictures????? Of course I took pictures......traveling sock mojo with Bob
a kangaroo
a lemur
sheep shearing
a sheep to shawl competition
a way to use up stash if I ever need a place to live
the spinning wheel of my dreams (it is so on my want list),
This is the Big Sock started at the Sock Summit and yes I did knit on it
If I weren't traveling on a bus I would have found a way (excuse) to bring these little guys
home with me...
.......or maybe this one
My favorite event???? Aside from the shopping????? The leaping Llamas competition. I'd go back next year just to see that again.
Speaking of shopping, yes, I did pick up a few things. Not as much as I'd like as I have a MAJOR trip planned in a few months...but that's a topic for another post.
Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

Oh, I wish I would have gone to this event. I mentioned it, when you first did, to Kristen, my GD who lives in Watertown. With the radiation treatments, all my traveling has been put on hold. Glad you had fun. It looks great.

Taphophile said...