Friday, 16 October 2009

It never fails

It has been said that in life there are two things which are certain.....Death and Taxes!

I'd like to present two other certainties for your consideration.

  1. If I pick the weekend to go camping, it will rain. DH has pulled down the tent and packed up our gear in "cats and dogs" type monsoon rain so many times that I am no longer allowed to pick camping weekends anymore.
  2. If I make the hotel reservation, there will be a problem with the telephone. I wouldn't normally put this on the list but this is the third time I've had telephone issues.

Here I am in Kingston, NY, eagerly awaiting tomorrow for the bus to carry me off to Fibre mecca AKA Rhinebeck. I wanted to call DH to let him know that I arrived safe and sound. I really wanted to call Mad Mad so that we could arrange a meet up place. BUT.....the phone in my room does not work. I even walked down to the local wine and liquor store to see if she was there but Mad Mad was nowhere to be seen.

Hopefully I can find a pay phone and call her cell tomorrow or maybe she'll be at the Ravelry meet up in the afternoon.

Maybe someone is trying to tell me that I should break down and get a cell phone.....

Until next time

Yours in Yarn,

The Fibreholic


Susan said...

I'm jealous of your road trip! Maybe next year... *sigh*

MadMad said...

I cannot believe this! I was so bummed to miss you! Hope you got a decent haul and the crowds didn't affect the shopping too much. (We stayed Sunday, too, and it was sooooooo much nicer!) Just got home a bit ago, and have to unpack... I'm afraid to find out all I got, to tell the truth...

Nancy said...

Oh yes, you should get a cell phone. You can always get a pay as you go. I hope the trip was good in spite of not finding your friend.