Thursday, 1 January 2009

Punishment for a Bad Blogger

Yup....I'm a bad blogger.

I wish that I could say that I've been keeping up with every one's blog and just not commenting. Sigh....but I can't even say that.

I wish that I could blame it on one single thing like having dial up or working long hours during the holiday rush. But that wouldn't be entirely correct.......

I wish that I could blame it on being such a good mother that I've been spending all my time with the kids and baking cookies. That didn't happen.....

I wish that I could blame it on going here and there and to every fab place and attending wildly exciting holiday parties. HAH....don't make me laugh.

If the blame lies anywhere, it's probably in the socks that I decided to knit for Christmas. So while I'm pre-occupied with all the holiday happenings, I was able to squeeze in 4 pairs of socks. Yeah for me! Three of them were made from my stash! Double yeah for me!

So what do I do to punish myself? What could I possibly do to make up for ignoring friends both near and far? What could I do to that would make sure that I would never again put my blogging aside for other less worthy diversions?

Hmmmm I could promise to make the teen's boyfriend, of three months, a pair of socks.

He's got size 13 feet.

That would be punishment enough for any knitter!!!

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Kathy said...

You could make them in a wickedly complicated pattern as well, you know, just to add to the punishment factor. :-)

Nancy said...

Well, making all those socks is a very good excuse in my book. Size 13 sure would be a challenge. I do come to your blog everyday so I am happy to see you back.
Happy New Year and Happy Socks.

Georgie said...

Size 13 and to (over?!) the knee, methinks! But then I'd have to think of a suitable punishment for me too, since Ive been an equally bad blogger :(

Best wishes to you all for a very happy new year!