Monday, 15 December 2008

The end of innocence

DS (who is 7): Mom is the tooth fairy real?
DS: Taylor was looking through her mother's jewelry box and found her baby teeth. So is the tooth fairy real?

Please note that this conversation happened far too early in the day for me and he was about to catch the school bus. So, what is a good parent suppose to do? Change the subject!

ME: What was Taylor doing looking through her mother's jewelry box anyways? I bet that she wasn't suppose to be. I'd better not find you snooping around in my things. There would be BIG trouble if you did.

DS: the tooth fairy real or not?

SHOOT!!!! This boy is not as easily distracted as his sisters.

ME: What do you think?

DS: I think that she's not real.

ME:'re right, she's not real.

*********Later that day, at the supper table************

DS: If the tooth fairy isn't real, does that mean that Santa and the Easter Bunny aren't real either.

ME: No dear, they aren't

DS: But who is?

DD (aka the teen): I'm the Easter Bunny, I make up the scavenger hunt notes.

DH: I'm Santa and I write the tooth fairy notes.

DS (to me): What do you do?

ME: I buy the stuff you get.

Now that is over and done with, my baby is growing up before my eyes.

DH: Now that you know the truth, I don't want you to ruin it for any of your friends who might still believe...OKAY????

DS: Okay

***************The next day***********************

DS: Don't be mad but I forgot that I wasn't suppose to tell anyone about Santa not being real.

ME: Grrrrrr

DS: Don't worry, they didn't believe me!

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The Fibreholic


Bells said...

that really is a big moment, when you find out the truth. This made for very funny reading, even if it is a little poignant for you.

Nancy said...

That story is really cute but now wait a minute. Are you sure Santa isn't real. Wow. You could be wrong you know. LOL.

TinkingBell said...

Don't tell mine - they're relying on Santa (they're particularly relying on his list being wrong!)

Sad - some of the kids at school have been told about santa without your warning - and the mothers are really upset!

I'll keep mine going a little longer - jsut in case!

Merry Christmas!

Jejune said...

LOL, ah the pitfalls of parenting!

I was so petrified at the thought of a strange man dressed in red coming into my room when I was asleep that my parents had to tell me about Santa when I was very little, like just 2 or 3 ...