Thursday, 8 January 2009

It all started with the word SALE

There I was minding my own business, on Boxing Day, visiting the Ravelry site. I was trying to catch up on the latest goings on in the groups that I follow. I wasn't even thinking about adding to my stash, (Stop laughing!) when what did I see? SALE at Knit-Knackers

Me: OH!!!! how interesting, maybe I'll just pop on over to their site and see what all the fuss is about.

(Seriously, stop laughing)

At the Knit-Knackers web site all I can see is 50% off.

After I deal with my heart palpitations, I look to see when the sale is happening. It starts on December 27th so I haven't missed it and I could get there on the first day of the sale, before all the good stuff is gone.

*****The Next Morning********

'm lying in bed having a philosophical discussion with myself about actually going to this yarn sale. I really don't need to spend any more money and I really don't need any more yarn.

(You in the back....if you don't stop laughing, I'll have to ask you to leave)

Me: Dear, there's a sale on at Knit-Knackers and I'm trying to find a reason to go.

DH: Well if we both go into Ottawa, I could drive and you could knit on the way.

More heart palpitations.....Have I married a closet enabler? Where has this part of his personality been all these years?

DH: I could also get that game that I didn't get for Christmas.

Okay, so he's an enabler with a motivation...but an enabler none the less. This is probably a temporary phase so I shouldn't get used to it.

After 50 minutes of car knitting time, DH dropped me off and went on his way. I dove in, head first, into the massive piles of yarny goodness. It was nothing short of a fondle fest and my heart goes out to any one who couldn't make it to the sale. The kids weren't with me on the trip so you can only imagine how I was enjoying this ME time.

I worked at the selection process as quickly as I could knowing that DH would return any minute. This is my boxing day booty.

DH arrived just as Sarita was adding up my purchases and he saw everything that I bought. So what did he say?

DH: Now I don't feel so guilty about spending all that money on a game.

I think that he slipped on the ice and fell and hit his head. But I wasn't about to argue when I had that much yarny goodness in my clutches.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Must Remain Anonymous to Remain Alive said...

Ya, so I missed the sale. So, couldn't you publish something about the sale SOONER, you yarn hog you? ;-)

Taphophile said...

Nice haul. I'm in two minds over enabler men in our lives. On the one hand it's lovely and sweet and all that, on the other, though, it would be useful to use them as will-power. The Old Flame just says, "but you know you want to - here, I'll hold the basket/trolley so you'll have both hands free". No help at all, really.

Kathy said...

To borrow a hockey euphamism, "She shoots, she SCORES!"

Nice pile of loot, but isn't that going to distract you from the size 13 boyfriend socks?

Jejune said...

Wow, great haul!! Is the white stuff destined to be dyed?

There are definitely upsides to hubbies who offset their purchases against yarn - however it does tend to mean the general money spent goes up rather a lot!

Bells said...

Oh he's a keeper. I have one of those. And the line about you getting to knit on the way - I live for the days mine says that!

Georgie said...

Score indeed! Can we please get your husby and mine in the same room with a few beers? I'd love a bit of that philosophy to rub off!!

MadMad said...

You should submit this to one of those Yarn Carnival things - it's great!

Nancy said...

wonderful, oh my, that is to die for yarn. Great find.