Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tales from the Farm

There are many benefits to living next door to a working farm. You just never know who is going to drop by.

This is Pooper. I didn't name him so if he has a complex and self esteem issues, he can't blame me. Pooper is less than a week old and is very affectionate.

In case you were wondering. a lamb licking your bare feet...VERY ticklish.

Here is the teen with Pooper, she is not trying to strangle him, just hold his head steady for the photo. Before I forget, let's not get excited about Pooper and have delusions of grandeur about his potential. He is a hair type sheep......means no fleece to shear and spin. But he has such a loveable nature, that I decided to overlook his failings.

It's feeding time and that boy is hungry. The teen was more than willing to help out.

I think now is the time to tell you about Pooper's sad story. Poor little guy, he was rejected and beat up by his mother which is why he needs to be bottle fed. And if that weren't enough, the poor little guy is blind.

It's like starting out in life with three strikes against you.

As hard hearted as DH likes to pretend to be, he really is a softy. When the next bottle was ready, he was more than willing to take feeding duty.

Something very good came out of this whole DH/Pooper bonding moment.

DH: I think that we should get Baby Doll Sheep.

I'll keep you posted.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


m1k1 said...

Oh I'm almost afraid to ask, but does it mean he's (look away now) meat?

Susan said...

I almost OD'd on cute. Ever since I started hanging around with you knitter types, I have an inexplicable fondness for fuzzy, fleecy animals. Thanks for indulging my new fetish. :)

Nancy said...

I got home last night and just did a post on my blog, so I wanted to check out my favorites before bedtime. My head is still on Dutch time. What a cute little lamb. Wow.