Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's not my fault

I am in no way to blame. In fact my downfall can be traced back and attributed entirely to the people at the Upper Canada Village. About 12 years ago, we went there as a family. I was knitting, but not to the extent that I do now. We entered one of the many homes and what did we find????

An older lady and a teen sitting at spinning wheels. I have this on video...the conniving pair, luring me into their cult.

The spinning cult indoctrination took some time. The seed was firmly planted, but as the soil was rocky, the idea took some time to grow. OR.....I just had no idea where I could get the help to get started.

About two years later, I moved to Northern Alberta for three years. It was a wasteland land for wool. The only local place to buy yarn was Zellers. If I wanted anything nice, I had to drive three hours to Edmonton. So forget about quick fixes.

Just so you know , only understanding and experience I had with spinning wheels , at this time, were with the ones that took up half your living room.

Then it was off to Vancouver Island for three years. One of DH's friends, was a member of the SCA. He told me that a fellow member of the SCA taught spinning on a drop spindle. "Aha" this is just what I needed. I would learn how to spin, it wouldn't cost a lot of cash and I wouldn't have to rearrange my living room to accommodate the wheel.

I soon learnt that I had a knack for spinning, wheels are a LOT more compact and it gave me a new hobby to stash for. Several months went by and I am happily spinning away on my drop spindle. Then fate intervenes.....

DH leaves for half a year. He is on the other side of the planet and making a few extra bucks. It is now the end of November.

Me: I really like this spinning thing. I want to save up and next Christmas I'll buy myself a wheel.

DH: Hmmmmmmm

Little did I know what was about to happen next. Secret e-mail conversations between a friend of mine and DH. He was getting advice about what wheel to buy me for Christmas...that Christmas. He never did buy the wheel for me. He sent me money and told me that it was for a wheel. I took matters into my own hands and bought a wheel. Since he did technically pay for it. I do give him full credit for buying me a wheel.

Once again we move and my wheel and various stashes go with me. Some days I think that I've moved to the middle of no where. Other days I think that I've moved to the hub of activity. Every year the local Historical society puts on a SPIN-IN. Spinners from all over the Ottawa Valley (and beyond) get together for a day of spinning. It is always fun. There are techniques to learn, new friend and old friends, a few vendors to tempt you and of course, door prizes.

Here's a picture from this year.

I spent the time spinning up some Blue Faced Leicester....not sure what I'm going to do with it. My problem is that I can spin a lot faster than I knit so it just produces another stash. I can live with that.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

Oh, I so want to learn to spin but I really do not have access to the wool. I guess there are places to get it here, but I sure do not know where. I love watching the spinners. I bet you have a ball.

Kathy said...

I know how to solve your problem. Find willing recipients for your excess stash. Just for starters I'd be willing to take a bullet for the team and take some off your hands. :-)

Lisa said...

I really really really understand your pain.

I have no answers though.

If you happen to come up with some, could you share with me?

Kristen said...

That sounds amazing! I get tempted every time I hear you speak of it, but like I really need another hobby, right!!! :)