Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Self Knitting Socks

Socks that knit themselves you say.....yes I say....believe it or not.

In fact, these socks knit up so fast that they didn't even get a chance to aquire any mojo.

WHAT? NO MOJO you say in horror. Yes, I'm afraid that I did wrong by these socks. What makes matters worse is that they were traveling socks, destined to be a gift. Let me explain and maybe you'll understand.

It all started, as all socks do, with sock yarn that I fell in love with.

Please Stand By Yarns came up with this very yummy skein of yarn. I saw this skein at the vendor's night one guild meeting. It was love at first sight. Apparently it was a good choice as it caught the eye of someone else when I flaunted my yarn booty of that night graciously let someone pick the yarn for their next pair of socks, from my purchases. 

If this person wasn't so amazing I would have chosen another yarn. Who is to say that this person would have remembered choosing this yarn even if it does have a really cool name.

Yes that is what she named the yarn. I'm beginning to think that I want this woman to be my new best friend.

In March I went on vacation...are you jealous yet? If not you soon will be. I left during a snow storm and arrived to sunshine and 25 degrees. I told you that you'd be jealous.

So through the air I flew and I knit along the way. I arrived at my destination and I knit, watched tv and I knit, took the train and I knit. There were road trips, a Stichnn'Bitch, alpaca petting, camping, wine tasting, fishing, movie watching and I knit through it all. The holiday was 2 1/2 weeks long but for some reason I found myself with a finished pair of socks well before the holiday was over. 

Seriously what is up with this? Somewhere in my archives you'll read a post about how slow I knit. I even wrote a song about how slow I knit!


I have a confession......even though these were supposed to be my traveling socks....

I couldn't resist starting them well before my trip started and the momemt I stepped on the plane, I was working on the heel of the first sock. The colours mesmorized me and I couldn't stop myself. I was a machine, a wild and crazy sock knitting machine. I don't know how it happened, it was like a scene from Harry Potter. The yarn just flew around my needles and didn't stop until.....

Good thing I brought a second pair of socks to knit.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic

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