Wednesday, 12 August 2009

At least they can't confiscate these

I'll admit that I've finally gotten onboard the information highway, IN THE FAST LANE, I'm addicted to YouTube. In my defence, while there are some crazy and wacked out people out there who think that a video of themselves ranting is publish worthy, there are some very usefull things thing on that site.

It has been almost 8 years since 911 and there is still talk of what we can and can't bring on a plane. Can I knit on the plane is the question on every knitter's lips as they plan a trip. Will they allow my teeny tiny sock needles? Will they allow my innocent circulars? Would bamboo or plastic needles be acceptable over metal needles?

Such questions weigh heavily on us but I have the answer. A quick trip around you tube land provided me with a solution. FINGER KNITTING!

  1. you always have your fingers with you
  2. the "I'm paid to rummage through your stuff" people can't take them from you
  3. you always have the correct size of fingers
  4. You can use and weight of yarn
  5. you'll never drop one and be forced to start looking for it in the most cramped space possible (the economy section)
  6. you'll never have to say to the person seated next to you "excuse me, could you look under your seat, I dropped my finger and I think that it rolled your way"

Finger knitting is easy and very fast to learn. My kids have been known to take an odd/partial/scrap ball and finger knit on a car trip. I've even been able to calm the "I'm bored" monster with a ball of yarn. I've even had the strangest conversation with my 8 year old DS as he was rummaging through my sock yarn scraps. He figured that since they were scraps, they were fair game so I had to go into the whole "there are different levels and categories of scraps" speech. He either understood or realized that mom will wig out if he touches the sock yarn. Regardless, materials for my sock yarn blanket are safe once again.

I taught kids how to finger knit and for awhile all three of them were addicted to finger knitting. This is something I embraced, something I encouraged and perhaps I even pushed on them until one day it occured to me:

What am I going to do with all these??????

Until next time

Yours in Yarn,

The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

Well, that is a really good idea.
Kristy and I talked about you when I was there visiting. She was very busy with Bible school, she is the director and it is this week.
She is at Ft Drum and said you go to Watertown to shop. We need to get together sometime I am there.

MadMad said...

Ah, yes. I have several of those chains myself... and the answer I always get to the what are we going to do with those? question is, "Well, Mommy it's for you! A belt!"

Mm-hm. Thank you hon.

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