Friday, 26 September 2008

The Trial of TOFUtsies

The Trial
Enter the defendant, TOFUtsies by SWTC.

I bought this yarn in January '07 and about the April time frame, of that year, I knit a pair of plain toe up socks. The first time I washed them, disaster struck. The dye washed out and my vibrant socks were merely a shadow of their former selves. I was devastated, ladies and gentleman, simply devastated. Here I had put all this work into my socks and with one wash they went from Beautiful to Blah.

I wrote to SWTC (attorney for the defendant) told them what happened, gave them the info on the ball band but received no reply. The socks were left to defend themselves on their own without representation from the company.


I vowed to never buy another ball of TOFUtsies and told the requisite 12 people of my bad experience but while I was at STITCHES MIDWEST this past August I met Audrey, public defender for this yarn.


After dropping off a load of yarn into the car, Kathy and I returned to the vendors' area to continue shopping. Kathy likes TOFUtsies and stopped at a booth to purchase a ball. This is where I met Audrey, owner of Needles & Knobs. I complained about this yarn and told her the story of my ill fated socks
and why I have a hate-on for this yarn and the company.

Audrey was determined to get me to change my mind, to rethink my position and to exonerate this sock yarn. She believes in this yarn so much that she gave me a ball to try out.

I was leery and doubtful but who am I to turn down a free ball of sock yarn. I knit and knit and knit. I even designed a sock pattern for this momentous occasion. Mind you all the while thinking that if history repeated itself I would be severely ticked at myself for putting in all this effort.


The socks have been washed and they look great. My faith has been restored in TOFUtsies but SWTC still on my black list for their lack of customer service.

So if you are ever in St. Petersburg, Florida go see Audrey at Needles & Knobs. You'll be glad you did!

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Susan said...

I love that they cared enough to try to win you back. I am also enamoured of the stitch you used in your new sock... what is it???

Kathy said...

Wow, they turned out great! And aren't you glad that I stopped to get some yarn for socks for my aunt?

And I echo Susan in asking what the stitch pattern is. I'm liking tose socks muy mucho.

Kristen said...

They are beautiful!!! I wish I was able to make socks like that!! They are absolutely wonderful.

Nancy said...

Well, first of all, I like the socks the pastel shade, they look great. Now, having said that, I love the pattern you designed. You are great. I hope they keep the exact shade you want them to be.

Jejune said...

Interesting story - I haven't used any TOFUtsies yet, but have a skein of it in my stash. Glad your second experience was so much more positive, and YES, please tell us that stitch pattern, it's gorgeous!