Saturday, 13 September 2008

The seven rules of yarn acquisition

  1. Make your yarn purchases while on vacation. You'll be able to justify them as souvenirs.
  2. Even better, while on vacation, without your DH. If he must come along, distract him with a computer store or food.
  3. Use cash whenever possible, it eliminates the paper trail.
  4. When packing for the holiday, pack only the essentials to leave as much room in your suitcase, as you can, for the trip home.
  5. When packing for the trip home, layer your suitcase. Yarn goes on the bottom, then clothes with the gifts for the kiddies on top.
  6. Distract family with gifts and bring suitcase to your room.
  7. Unpack the next day, when no one is around.

50/50 Alpaca/Merino bought from WEBS

one ball of 3ply fingering that I won, three skeins of Noro Transitions that were so cheap, you'd think they were stolen

A full bag of Ella rae bought from a place that was selling their yarn in full bags. In their booth they had a fenced off area and had it piled high with the full bags. According to one staff member, a lady actually jumped into the pile and wallowed amongst the fibres. They weren't pleased as she destroyed many labels. some people have no respect.

Of course there was sock yarn purchases. According to Tink, this doesn't count at all for stash. I did get another ball of sock yarn, but there is a story behind that which deserves its own blog post.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Bells said...

I think our husbands must be twins or something. I would use exactly those two things to distract him!

I think your method is brilliant. I will remember it in about three weeks' time!

Nancy said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, where were you when you found all this beautiful stuff. Wow. I love the colors and especially the top one, the 50/50. I will remember all you tips. They make total sense to me.
I don't have to distract DH, he sits on a bench and plays his solitaire game. Could care less.

MadMad said...

Good plan! (Except for the part where you were at Webs and didn't tell me!)